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Wondeful News! YAY!

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My dad finally aggreed to let us keep Elle! YAY! Someone is looking to take Mirah, too. But my sis-in-law knows her and says she takes great care of her cat now, and that they want a companion for it. It is just a kitten, too. So, it looks like Mirah had a home. but yet
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aww cj
Secondly, i know its sad to let the kitty go, but seriously its for the best
you dont know how many times i over my kittens and cats awww

you will be okay
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Oh, I know.... she'll be happy where she's going. Mindy, my sis-in-law, said that the cat that these people have already is spoiled rotten, and that the husband of the household has always wanted an orange kitten, so I know they'll pamper Mirah. Also, she said they are rather wealthy, so I know she will be cared for, too. It's just sad to say goodbye, even though I know it's best. They want to see pictures of her, and I will converse over the internet with them sending them pictures, telling them about her, and etc. Mindy really thinks they are going to take her. She says she's sure they will. I'm excited for Mirah, and Elle (me getting to keep her). But still sad that she's leaving.

And thanks for the Happy Birthday!
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OH, and Mirah is going in two weeks, at 9 weeks old. So, it still gives me time with her.
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How cool! Congrats sweet Elle! How exciting that you are adding her to your family!
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Congrats on a fine solution for both Elle & Mirah, CJ! That is great news! Yes, it will be difficult to let Mirah go, but maybe the new owners will enjoy e-mailing you pics. You've done a fine job and I look forward to updates on Elle & Mirah. Susan
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Glad you can keep Elle.
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