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It makes me so angry!

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Ok, I need to vent a little. (I apologize ahead of time for all the !! and CAPS)

We have these neighbors who I've always thought were just OK. They were a little insensative at times, and my main complaint is that their cats roam around outside without any name-tags. Mind you I live in the not-so-safe-even-for-people metropolis of LA.

Well, several months ago they got a young kitten and have recently started letting her out ALL the time, she can't be much more than 6 months old. Like their older cats she is sans collar and nametag. I assumed everything else was ok.

YESTERDAY I was chatting with another like-minded neighbor about my foster kittens, and she told me that their kitten was unspayed!!! And that the mother said that "the boys" wanted her to have a litter!!!

"The boys" are her three children who are something like 6, 8 and 11 years old!!! They should HARDLY be in control here!!!

The kitten is going to get pregnant WAY to young since they let her out ALL THE TIME.

They have massive money problems that we heard them SCREAMING at each other about the other night. Even IF they are completely irresponsible and don't get the kitten's kittens vaccinated etc it is still QUITE expensive for litter, food, etc and there may be problems!

I feel so angry! The shelter I foster for has 150 kittens in foster care right now! We don't need more kittens in LA! We have kittens!

I don't really know what to do. I'm sure the neighbor that told me about this let her feelings (which are absolutely the same as mine) be known to them. But the mother has a habit of not listening even during normal conversations and the father cowtows to her mainly. Maybe I can bring the boys in to see my kittens sometime and tell them about WHY I foster. But I'm not sure what else I can do.

Sorry for the long vent. I needed to get it out.
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People are difficult sometimes - but maybe you are going about it the right way by getting the children on your side. Get them in, explain the problem about too many kitties and how hard it is to find homes and them ending up on the street etc. The oldest certainly should be able to understand and sometimes kids can influence their parents. Good luck.
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Good luck. I can't imagine any kid looking at how cute kittens are and not wanting some for himself. They are just so fun! But it couldn't hurt!

Some people are just not ready to hear about the responsability involved in pet care. I sometimes prefer to save my breath for the trainable. The idea of teaching the kids is a good one. Maybe you could even offer to let them name your next litter, so it is almost like having their own litter, but with you doing the work and covering the expense. And as the kittens get older, it is nice to have kids to pet and love on them. Of course, with supervision.
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Well, I've been thinking about this kitten a lot lately because I REALLY don't want more kittens around. I met someone who volunteered to trap, spay, and return it before they even noticed. It seemed a little decietful, but an attractive option.

Still, my BF was a little worried about it, I told him I'd call our local animal control.

So I called them. What did they say?

Outdoor cats are actually illegal in my city (I don't live in LA city). I should trap it, bring it in, and they will spay it and find a new home.

I'm not sure I'm going to do that since we still have so many kittens needing homes, and at least this one gets fed. But I was happy to hear them back me up...
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In my opinion, TNR it. If you do it right, the family would never notice. If they ask you about it, have absolutely NO idea what they are talking about! In other words, lie thru your teeth for the sake of the unborn kittens.
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I second that!
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I third that!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
People are difficult sometimes - ... Good luck.
... ...
My best wishes Sara! and you don´t need to ask for apologizes, you can to vent all the time that you need it... that´s why are the friends!
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There is no easy answer as it is "their" kitten but I certainly hear you. I guess I woundn't have it in me to do that without permission even though it really is best for the cat. I have a situation with a relative, who lives many states away so I really have no influence, who is very poor, can't pay the bills, yet continues to have unspayed cats who have litters of kittens....I just don't understand. She is so excited about the kittens....kittens are wonderful but I would be sick in that situation. It really is too bad for the kittens and for them. It really is a mindset that baffles me. I really don't understand not fixing cats or dogs. I could not even imagine. I have 3 cats, boys, and totally could not fathom them not being fixed. As for those females....arghhhhhh! My folks had unspayed females and when I would stay overnight....I thought I was going to go crazy!!!!! Vent away! This is definitely the place to do it.
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Sounds like an idea, have it fixed without them knowing!
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I agree. Or even have animal control pick her (and the rest of them) up. If she chooses to treat her animals the way she does she shouldn't own them. Atleast they will be taken care of and adopted out to a home in which they will be. Maybe then your neighbor will get the idea.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Sounds like an idea, have it fixed without them knowing!
i agree, thats a very good idea
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My usual saying " Brains in their pants! ".

You do what you have to do chick!
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