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My mom adopted a dog!

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This is the new dog that my mom and stepdad just adopted today. I don't have any pictures of her with them yet, this is actually the photo from petfinder.org. She is just too cute. They think she's a wire haired terrier/beagle mix. She doesn't mind cats and other dogs, but she is very timid. She's just too cute and I had to share. When I see her in person I'll post some more pictures!
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Oh she's very gorgeous. Congrats to your Mum & Stepdad!
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Aww, cute doggie!
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Your Mom's new dog is adorable! What's her name? She sure looks like a Terrier/Beagle mix to me too. It's funny how with some mixes you can identify what breeds they are just by looking at them and with other mixes you can't tell what breeds they are (because they don't really look like any breed)! I think it's really neat when someone adopts a dog from a shelter instead of buying one from a breeder or a pet store . I have 4 "shelter kitties" and know first hand that someone else's "throw away pet" can make the most wonderful pet.
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That is a very cute dog. I am think if I should get a dog recently. I think both my cat will be the first one to disapprove. Sometime, I will just like to bring my cats out (they are both indoor cats).
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what an adorable doggy!!! Does she have a name yet???
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At first the foster family named her Maggie, then the kids decided they like Rosie better. My mom said she doesn't respond to either name, so she's just going to keep throwing names out, like I did with Isabelle. The vet office (where Isabelle was dropped off in a box outside) named her Dropoff, which was cute, but Isabelle wasn't having it. The former Maggie will have to decide for herself She has started giving my mom kisses and she fell asleep next to my stepdad, so things are going well.
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I vote for keeping her name Maggie! I guess I should explain that the reason I'm so partial to the name is because we named our newest kitty "Maggie". She's a beautiful long haired Tuxedo Kitty. The shelter we adopted her from had given her a name that really didn't suit such a beautiful cat so we decided to change it. She doesn't really respond to it yet, but then again none of my cats really respond to their real name! Isn't it funny how we struggle for days with what to name a new pet and in the end we give them so many nicknames that it doesn't really matter what their "real" name is? Each one of our pets have at least six different nicknames in addition to their real names!
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