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what's new with you?

haven't seen you on much lately. Hope everything is going well.
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Hi AP. Thanks for the thread

Things are going very well for me! Been busy with the
new job! Looking forward to Christmas

How have you been? Looks like things are going great here
at the CatSite!
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Things have been pretty quiet (personally) and that is a very good thing. Got to wrap up some end of the year traveling for work, but that isn't too bad.

What's your new job? You helped plan eventes before, is it anything like that?
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Fantastic memory!! Same thing, just more responsibilities.
Been traveling more. Which has been a lot of fun. Got a new
kitten a few months back. She's full of all sorts of energy.
Aren't they all though?

Where are you traveling too?
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tomorrow I'm flying to Providence to have lunch with a client, so I'll be home by 7. Next wednesday I'm flying to Pittsburgh, again just for lunch. I'll fly to Indiana for a few days before X-mas.

After the first of the year I'll have to plan a trip to LA for a couple weeks for work. probably sometime in february.

Where have they been sending you?

I remember when you got Molly. She must be getting big.
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Went to Hawaii in June, Chicago in September.

I am going back to Hawaii in January and Dallas, Texas (first time)
in February.

I can't believe you fly somewhere just for lunch. Pretty nice!! You do have a fabulous job though!!
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Are you still in touch with that guy you met in Hawaii?

I would to have my job send me to Hawaii! that would be incredible

I need to plan a trip to dallas as well. They just told us at work that we need to visit all of our clients by october next year, and I have people all over the country. I'm most excited about going back to New Orleans!
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There is one place I would love to go!! I bet you had such a blast when you were there. Isn't it hard not too?!?

I don't talk to that guy anymore. I met him and than chickened out when it was time to go see him again. I have a $400 plane ticket I never used. Ouch!!

I think Dallas will be interesting. There is so many places I have never seen. Before I settle down with a husband, I would like to see as much as possible. I guess we are lucky that we have jobs that allows us to do that.
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I'm going to sound like a heathen, and an alcoholic (and I rarely drink) but I love the fact that they have daquairi (ISP) stands all over with tons of yummy flavors and you can walk around in the streets drinking.

I love the old feel of the town. it's just a neat place. I haven't planned an exact date yet but I'm looking foward to going. The cool thing about it is I go and visit radio station people, and they are usually wired in all over town because they are local celebrities, so most of the time we end up doing something really fun, and going to the best (in terms of taste and not nessicarily price) restuarants in town.

how often do you travel?
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I really like Dallas as well. You will enjoy it. A couple members live either there or right outside it.
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Wow... New Orleans sounds great. I have heard some incredible stories. You definitely have an advantage, by knowing some of the people there. I think that makes all the difference in the world.

I guess it depends year to year on how much a travel. I have only been here a year (started in January) I travelled on 3 different occassions. I hope it's a little more next year. How about you? It sounds like a lot. Doesn't your boyfriend live away from you? New York?
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My boyfriend is in the army, so he gets sent away for months at a time. When he is home we live together. He spent 3 months at Westpoint NY over the summer. Hopefully he won't be sent away anytime soon.

It's really up to me as far as how much I travel. We get to NY usually 1 or 2 a month to see an artist showcase or promotion.

this year I'll have to do at least one trip a month, whether it's for a day or a couple.
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