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I learned today from our neighbors that Licorice's family is moving October 2 to a new house with no yard and they don't want her anymore. So now, legally, I am free to find her a new home! A farm home out here, where she can run around and be loved and cared for. I'm going to do everything I can to do this, too! Lots of good vibes for Licorice, please!
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Absolutely..sending good vibes.

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YAY!!! I'm so happy to hear this! Please keep us updated on the search for a new home!!! God bless!!!
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I have been working a little bit every weekend trying to find Licorice a home. Today we think we found her one with a farm family. She will continue to be an outside dog but will be loved and cared for, with lots of other dogs. She'll have to be socialized carefully, as she hasn't ever been around other dogs, but she's loving, that's for sure. The family is very comfortable financially, so she will have everything she could want. But we really just want her to have some attention and a bath. Tomorrow I am meeting with them, so we'll see. They were touched by her story and already are calling her their Angel!
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YAY! That is WONDERFUL news!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

By the way, I'd Loooooove to see a picture of Licorice
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I'm glad this story had a pretty happy ending.
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Good for you for caring, Elizabeth! And a Border Collie- they are such energetic, intelligent dogs, I think that they are more prone to realizing how bad their situation is. FORTUNATELY, there is a wonderful group called Dogs Deserve Better and can be reached at Please contact them & please let us know how this turns out!
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Thank you! I will call them. Two of our 3 home possibilities have backed out. I think people are more in love with the idea of saving, then the actual reality. But we have some time and I'm going to work on this over the weekend. The third possibility I can't seem to ever contact!
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I'm unsure who will even see this thread, it's kind of in it's own area.... but all the families have backed out of lIcroice. They come to see her and she's not a "pretty puppy" or "cute dog" and she's just so excitable and wants so much attention, that she can easily overwhelm. It takes her about 30 minutes to calm down. I got a very perfunctory note from the Manager of Homeward Pet, a no-kill shelter in Woodinville, Wa who said "we aren't the best resource for her" - she never said why nor what her reasoning was. So Licorice, right now, has nowhere to go.
I've even offered up to $500 to assist. My original email to 10 personal friends has now made the rounds of Microsoft, Starbucks, and Nintendo up here - which is huge - and we're so grateful for that, so hopefully Miss L. will find ahome soon. Only 2 weeks to go now until the family moves and the no-kill said "no". How sad.
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Eddie, how frustrating! It must be so heartbreaking- you care so much, and want so badly to find this sweet girl a loving and active home. Although I do not know very many families in the Enumclaw area, my inlaws do. I will ask who I know and ask my inlaws to spread the word. Tons of land and farms out here! Perhaps I can help you with this one You've always been there for me, let me try for you.
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I forgot to ask- is she still staying with her "family"? When are they moving for certain?

I will do what I can to help, E! My husband would be interested, but we are still renting and do not have a fenced yard. It wouldn't be fair to the poor pup to be inside all the time! They are such high energy dogs, they need space to move.
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Can you check to see if there's a purebred Border Collie rescue that could take her?
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Sasha I volunteer for the BC Rescue here in Washington. Do you have a photo of her?
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This has consumed my time the past couple of weeks. I have found out she is a Spaniel/lab mix and PNWBC Rescue will not take her. I cannot begin to tell you how much time and effort I have put out on this, becuase I want to save her from a certain death and see it through.
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I'm sorry Eddie.
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I'm so sorry to hear this! Please don't give up, E!!!!

You are an angel for caring this much! I'll say many prayers for you and Licorice
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Eddie.....any new developments? When are the owners moving?
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Elizabeth, is there any way you can bring her to your yard? Even if you can't bring her inside, if you keep her for a few weeks, and work with her, she will "show" much better when people are interested in adopting. You could try to teach her a few tricks, and take her for more walks. And it would give her more time.

Poor Licorice, and poor Elizabeth! You have put so much into this dog!
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This afternoon, we had a visit from a redheaded angel by the name of Maribeth, who got out of her truck with her 16 month old German Shepherd, Dakota, to meet Licorice and see if there was a match. From the minute Maribeth stepped into Licorice's yard, it was wonderful. Not only did Dakota and Licorice just click as new brother and older sister, they played and played, talked, communicated, sat, drank water together, and I have never seen Licorice so happy. It was a little overwhelming for me, as two months ago I couldn't honestly tell you why I felt this duty had come my way.

Licorice and Dakota were great together. She did not want to escape, she didn't show any signs of anxiety, she was happy, calm, relaxed, perky, playful, and smiling. She simply beamed.

Maribeth drove all the way to Maple Valley in rush hour, to do this. She is truly a good spirit, and what a gift she has with dogs!! She is the best possible person and new home for Licorice, who will have a new yard, a bed!! treats!! and a new baby brother that she appears to be bonding with already. Best of a all, Maribeth wanted to take her tonight, to get her off the awful chain as soon as possible. She will be inside for the first time in 5 years.

It will be a slow integration, but Licorice was blessed. She showed her happiness by climbing into Maribeth's truck and waiting patiently, happily, to get on the road.

May Licorice's good spirit shine on every dog.

Here she is with her new brother, Dakota, and her new owner.

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I couldn't be any happier right now!!! E, you are such an angel!!! This is WONDERFUL!!! It really seems like fate to me...I cried when i saw those pictures!!!

Licorice is FINALLY going to get the treatment she deserves!!! How did Licorice's original owners feel about this?

Oh gosh, I don't even know what to say right now, I'm soooooo happy!!!

Will this lady keep in contact with you? I sure hope so!!!
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You're such an angel for working so hard to save this dog! Bless you!
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