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Need Advice For Licorice Please~~

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My heart is breaking and I just had a good cry. I am writing this not so much for sympathy but for some good advice and any resources anyone might know, especially in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

The dog 3 houses down from us is black border collie. Her name is Licorice and she is THE sweetest dog. I only got to meet her yesterday. I snuck into her yard and sat with her and petted her and brought her treats. The reason I've never met her is that I have never seen her! I hear her on her line, running and yelping, but she is never out. Her family keeps her outside 24/7 and 365 days per year, rain or shine, snow or sleet, tied up to a 30 ft line. She is only 5 but is already aging up to 10 years. When Camille, our wonderful neighbor from New Zealand snuck over to take her out for a walk one night, she reported that Licorice was so winded after just a short while because she just has no cardio.

Now, her yard is nice and she does have a small doghouse for shelter. She does get fed and she does have fresh water. But she has no human contact or minimal at best. She has never played with another dog. They NEVER take her anywhere and she has never left her yard in 5 years according to Camille.

Camille says Licorice cried almost tears of joy when she has quietly gone over there to pet her, and Licorice doesn't even have one toy or one personal item in the entire yard to play with or call her own.

It is haunting me so much I didn't sleep that well last night and I was up crying. I am so heartbroken to find this out. I mean, I had heard her a lot but I assumed she went out for walks and the family (single mom/boyfriend/ young daughter) nutured her.

What can I do? Is this abuse by neglect? Her teeth looked good but her coat needs care. Can I kidnap her and take her to a new home if I can find one for her? what would you do?? Are there any services in the Northwest that anyone knows of, besides Petfinder, that I can post to? What would you do?
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How bad is her coat?
If it is obviously neglected, without needing a close inspection to determine, I think I'd just call King County Animal Control.
If it isn't at all obvious, it'll be more difficult.
If it were me, I'd just steal her myself, and foster her with friends until I could find her a loving home, or a no kill shelter with room.

These people may be of more help Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue
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Arlyn, thank you! No, her coat would be considered "average". It is shiny but she needs good grooming is all. Knots and tufts here and there but it's not bad. Some tartar on her teeth, one or two fair amounts in spots but her breath was good. I would never send her to a shelter, even a no kill, because this is her home, nevertheless. We have a plan to take her at night or on many of the weekends when they are gone and just leave her, like this weekend, but I want a good home first. Thank you for this link. I will review it and act on it during the week when more will get done.

You are in Utah! We just got back last month. And you obviously know we're in King County~~ hmmmmmm.
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aw! Bless her heart...and yours! That is such a difficult situation...I'd be sooo tempted to take her, but there's so much more to it than that.

My friend was just recently in a similar situation. Her neighbors had a dog and kept it tied to a small line from a tree. The dog had a dog house, but ironically was placed out of her reach. She had a few things to play with, but again, they were out of her reach.

My friend spent over $100 on things for this dog, including flea control medicine, an automatic feeder and waterer, toys, and a harness and leash and took them over to her. She constantly snuck over there and played with her every day, several times a day.

One ady I went over there, it was raining outside. We drove by, the dog was sitting down on her back end, front end up, next to that tree...no cover, in the mud and pouring rain. The dog just looked at us, motionless, as we slowly drove past. We drove by again about an hour later and saw her in the same position, not moving, and again being rained on.

By then we all had had enough and my friend and her mom and dad started going over there like everyday and voiced their concerns for the dog and it's conditions. They kept mentioning how they would take the dog and find her a new home, since she was not getting proper care and attention at their house.

This went on for several weeks and it FINALLY paid off a few days ago. Finally, one of the owner's daughters came over to my friend's house and told her they had their permission to take the dog to find her a new home. FINALLY they had come to their senses!!! . My friend's mom took her to the shelter and she awaiting adoption.

My advice would be to act similar to the way my friend did. Maybe go over there and ask if you can take the dog for a walk every once in a while. Start making it clear to them that neighbors are concerned and maybe mention findind it a new home where it can actually get exercise and above all HUMAN CONTACT and love!!!

Sorry this was so long...
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Seattle Native
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Just to add real quick...my friend now has one of the dog's puppies. They were also being neglected.

They would have much rather found a good home for it first, over a shelter--but they are keeping close eye on her at the shelter and will not allow her to be put down.
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF

Sorry this was so long...

Lacey, gracious child, don't ever apologize for such a wonderful, heartfelt, and helpful(!!) answer. Nothing is "too long" for me to read. You are such a good spirit and have the best heart. Your thoughts are most helpful. Thank you for your kindness.
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Usually Animal Control, or a Breed Rescue can be very convincing when trying to get people to relenqish ownership.

Especially if they know that a better home is already waiting.

When I lived in Mississippi, my neighbors had a beautiful bi-color sheltie, which I witnessed them beating on a regular basis.
The dog somehow found his way into my truck when I moved
Such a sweetie he was.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn

When I lived in Mississippi, my neighbors had a beautiful bi-color sheltie, which I witnessed them beating on a regular basis.
The dog somehow found his way into my truck when I moved
Such a sweetie he was.

Arlyn. How long did you have him?
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He was around 14 when he died, that's a guess, the vet guessed his age around 6 or 7 at the time of his abduction
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You are a true angel. You gave him a happy life to leave in peace.
Now I am only crying harder.
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E!!! Thank you so much for what you said. I was just trying to help . That was the sweetest thing someone has said to me in a while! You've made my horrible week instantly better!

Originally Posted by Arlyn
He was around 14 when he died, that's a guess, the vet guessed his age around 6 or 7 at the time of his abduction
You saved that poor dog's life!!! Thank God...you are an angel!!!
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A similar thing is happening to a beagle near my mom's house, only they keep her in a rabbit cage. Animal control says it is not cruelty and won't do anything. My mom just wishes she had gone over to talk to them before calling Animal Control, because she thinks she may have had better success getting the dog out of the situation. Unfortunately it is perfectly legal. I would take Lacie's advice and start talking to them, try to get the dog. Maybe a neighbor can get in on it too.
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I've been a champion of the voiceless repressed my whole life.
Used to drive my mother crazy with all the things I'd bring home to love.
She learned to just expect that sort of thing from me.

Just can't stand to see them mistreated.
I realize that some people are ignorant and still use heavy handed training methods, but this poor guy was just being senselessly beaten, for barking and protecting his home no less.
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I agree you need to do something but in many places stealing a dog is a crime, so be careful! I would go to them and ask if you can walk the dog 'as it doesn't seem to get out much and maybe they don't have time to do it' ANd see what happens. Depending on their answer you can inform authorities or consider your next step.
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Oh Eddie, poor Licorice! I have no advice for you but I have her in my thoughts!
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Oh, and by get the dog, I mean butter the jerks up with how much you love their dog and think she's cute so that maybe they'll give her to you. My mom wants so badly to just take that poor beagle, but obviously she could get into big trouble! Also try documenting everything. If you see the dog get hit call the police immediately. Otherwise write everything down that you see happening- with times and dates, etc. That's what the Animal Control guy told my mom to do.
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I had a similar experience quite a few years ago with my neighbors across the street. They somehow ended up with a puppy who couldn't have been more than a month old, and tied it to a leash that was probably made for a Rottweiler, and tied it to a small tree in their front yard. I waited 2 days, never saw any water given to the pup, nor food, and no attention was paid to it at all. I could hear it cry constantly, so I finally I just walked over there and took the dog off the leash and brought it home. Before I could get out of the yard the dad came out and asked what I was doing and I was maybe 14 at the time, but my mouth was 10x bigger than the rest of me. I told him I was taking the dog, and if he had a problem with it he could call the cops about it if he wanted, but I wouldn't recommend it since I am sure they would LOVE to hear about this poor little puppy that hasn't been fed in 2 freaking days! Needless to say, he let me take him, and we were more or less a foster home for a few weeks till he got healthier and we found a nice family for him to go to.
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Listen to Lacey, she know whereof she speaks ! !

It is important to establish communication with the family that owns the dog, and go from there -- this coming from someone who has learned over the years the right thing to do, because when I was a kid, I would simply steal the dog by being nice to it, and even "help" one or two on occasion to "break" a chain or "dig out" from a fence.

I realize now how good my neighbors were, for as a kid, I am sure they all wanted to horsewhip me, but they instead allowed me to grow up.

Tempting though it may be, do nothing that could run you afoul of the law, for THAT can get expensive in a number of ways.

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E - It's sad that they don't care enough to take the dog on walks, etc. But it's even more sad that they do not allow it in or play with it. I don't know that I would "steal" it. What I would do is to try to find out something about these people and anticipate what might grab at their heart. Then work your magic in trying to convince them how you or someone else will simply die without this dog.
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My heart is breaking. Please talk to Border Collie Rescue and see what can be done. Border Collies are highly intelligent working dogs that need plenty of mental stimulation to be happy. I am guessing at the very least Licorice is depressed not to be able to run and work. I had thought at one point to get one but didn't have time to take care of one physically and emotionally. I really hate when people get a pet and do not research or attempt to find out what the animal need to be happy and healthy.
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aw! Thanks Leonard!

And Alikatt, that is an awesome story! You were a courageous 14 year old!
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E there is nothing you can do. Trust me, I know what you are talking about. I routinely call animal control about a dog across the road that is also kept on a chain 24/7 and barks incessantly. The AC goes over, sees the dog has shelter, food and water and says "Sorry there is no abuse here." Sadly, many folk believe a chained dog is a healthy dog. I wouldn't be sneaking into the yard anymore either, unless you want to deal with being a trespasser and talking to officers. Not everyone is so intune with what animals really need. Your best bet is to open up good communication with the owners and perhaps offer to take their dog for a walk with Sandy?
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I totally agree with trying to establish a relationship with the neighbors, and try to see if you can educate them to help improve Licorice's life. If not, maybe they will give him up to you legally.

From a dog's point of view, although Licorice's life pretty much sucks, he knows where he belongs, and who brings him a plate of food daily. Worse than continuing to live like that would be getting saved, and then returned to that life. If you steal him, and the police force you to return him, he will be heartbroken.

Good luck with this little guy, I hope you are able to come along side of the family and help them to realize their responsabilities towards Licorice.
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I had a long talk with one of the principle people at Pacific Northwest Border Collie and he advised just as the majority of you all did - befriend the neighbors and drum some sense in to them first. He said they cannot list a dog as "available for adoption" unless it is being officially fostered or given up...but if the neighbors agree then it can be done through me, sure.

We have had such cold and rainy weather and this weekend I hope to be able to take her for a walk and talk to the family, if they are even home. They have a nice new car and the house is well kept, they are not hurting for money that I know of, so perhaps they can purchase a toy or two for her. Or let me bring more over.

Many of the points made were really good - that not all re-homes go as planned and Licorice does have a home now. She is protected from harm, there is a fence around the yard that coyotes and other aggressive dogs cannot get through and she does have water and shelter. She was not thin. so.....I will update if a major breakthrough - but thank you ALL. Your ideas and perspectives have been so very helpful!!!
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Have you spoken to the family?
I am so waiting to hear more about this.
Good Luck!!
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Its nice to see there are some dedicated and kind hearted people still out there. Its easy to get jaded in our line of work. Tired of the chains? Consider pushing a "limited tethering" ordinace at the local level. Grassroots efforts. There's no life at the end of a chain, even if the dog has a pulse...
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I talked to the family briefly, as I was walking Sandy puppy. I said, "I really like your dog, I've seen her through the fence and how old is she? Is she senior?" And they said, no she was about 5 or so. I said I really thought she was gentle and kind and that I hadn't seen her around much. .... I stared at the lady... I kind of looked at her as if to say that I knew what was going on...and I said no more, just sent a vibe.

Now here's the good news: today I was upstairs and it was a sunny, gorgeous day here...and just out of the shower around noon when who should come walking around the corner, but Licorice! And the little girl and an older teen girl, looked very responsible, and Licorice was happy, just meandering along, very happy. She wasn't being dragged or coerced to run, just perfectly relaxed. It made my day!

I plan to keep and eye on her, nothing's changed, but I was walking on air for her!
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that's WONDERFUL news, Elizabeth!!!

YAY!!! I'm so happy she got to go for a walk!!!
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I found this website after doing a search for "tethering ordinances"


It gives ideas for how to get a ordinence passed in your community! I'm trained as a community organizer, I can do this That gives me some hope.
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