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Drayton: Found kitten

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Hi there,
I know you've probably been asked this a million times, so if you want to, feel free to direct me to a thread (I scanned a couple and didn't see any specific to this question).
I work at a theatre right now and there has been a little red kitty that has been showing up around the building. He's probably about 3 months old, judging from his size, is not fixed, is skinny and very very sweet. The actors have named him "Drayton" after the company name, and some have taken to bringing in food for him now and again. They took him around to the local houses to see if anyone was missing a cat and no one took him. He has to be from somewhere, because he is soo sweet and loving but we just can't figure out where.
My friend who also works there has been considering bringing him home as a foster kitty. They have 2 cats, a male and a female who have both been fixed and a poodle. She wants to take him to the vet before she brings him home (with the intention of finding his existing home or a new one) and doesn't know what the vet should or should not be checking for on him. I suggested a general check, and probably just to go ahead with a de-worming before testing for them. She doesn't want to spend a lot, but everyone wants Drayton to find a loving home.
What should she be asking the vet for? Anything else she might consider before she takes him home?
Thanks so much,
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Just let the vet know the situation. I'm sure he (or she) will know what to test for. How nice that someone is taking this kitty home. Just so you know, red boys are known to be especially loving!

Garfield and me checking out the CatSite!
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The standard tests are Felv and Fiv, fecat test for worms-I am sure vet would also suggest what to test the cat for.
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You know, I am in the same kind of predicament and wonder the same thing..
I didn't ask the vet what tests they do or if it is part of a normal exam?
I would like to know if its above and beyond the normal exam fee to test for worms, FEL-V etc. etc....
I am willing to pay it but should have asked so that I know I have the money on me.

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