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How Waffle spent her birthday!

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Waffle turned 3 yesterday and had a very small little shindig late at night when Brendan was able to come over. I thought it would be fun to show you guys how my baby girl spent her relaxing birthday...

"Oh my gosh did you see that?!"

"Now it's on this side, come quick!!"

"Don't worry mom, I'm 3 now, I can protect us from the little buggers outside!"

Waiting for the next culprit to appear...

As night came Waffle felt the need to take her mind off of her upcoming party (she was beginning to get impatient). Waffle baby turned her attention to attacking mommy's dangerous and otherwise deadly hair ties!!!!

"MOOOOOOOM! Where's Brendan?!?! I want my party now!!!!"

Finally at 10:30 Brendan got to my place and Waffle's "cake" (wet food with 3 treats to act as candles) came out. This was Waffle's FIRST time EVER eating wet food and let me tell you, she did NOT know what to make of it!!
"Do I eat this stuff mom?"

"Ooooooh that smells lip smacking GOOD!"

After a few minutes of sniffing it and attempting to bury it, Waffle finally went in for the kill.

Playing with one of her new catnip filled toy mice!
"Let me at him!!!!"

And lastly...relaxing like her normal, lady-like self!

Waffle had a very nice, low key birthday! Thanks again everyone for all of the birthday wishes in her birthday thread!!!
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It looks like Waffle had a wonderful time! How nice that Brendon could come over!

Thank you for sharing!
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Looks like she had a great time! Thanks for showing us!
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The pictures are great. The 'cake' cracked me up!!!
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Happy Birthday Waffle! Sound like a fun filled day to me
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What a lovely day!! Purrfect! , Waffle!
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Happy Belated Birthday Waffle!
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Aww.. Happy Purrthday Waffle kitty!! Glad you had fun on your special day
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OH my stars - those pictures are soooooo precious!!!!!
My Safari has a MAJOR ponytail-holder fettish too!! He looooooooves playing with them!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Waffle!!!! It DEFINITELY looks like she had an AWESOME day!!!
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Glad to see you had a great birthday Waffle! Way to just dig in and enjoy your kitty cake!!! I'll bet it was good!
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We like yur cake! "Can we have one for memorial Day, Meowmy?"
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I love all the pictures of Waffle. Happy Birthday dear Waffle. Especially liked that last ladylike picture.
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What a great birthday! My kitties would love a cake like that too!
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Happy Belated Third Birthday Waffle...your pictures are adorable.You are a great Watch Cat. I am going to make a cake just like yours for my babies birthdays.
PS to Waffles Mommy... the picture of Waffle draped over the back of your couch is a perfect "wide load" picture for the wide load thread. Please add it there too. We love "Wide Loads"
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Thanks guys for all the sweet wishes! Waffle is indeed one spoiled kitty!!

Oh, and I added that last pic to the wide load thread.
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