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Originally Posted by RarePuss
sounds like a terrible attack, and the wound will definitely take time to heal, but I would definitely say it's a matter of just a 'nature' reaction, not in any way at attack on you. Maybe getting another male as a companion may cheer him up? Who knows... i can imagine having whole males is pretty tough on everyone involved.
The two un-neutered males together-not a good idea. THey will fight.
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Iam in support of responsible breeding, and iam sorry that you have to make such a devastating choice, you are doing what is right and you have my support and i hope that tonka returns to the loving boy he once was
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I really do hope you manage to find a solution to your problem, i have read a few articles on how the Siamese breed has 'changed' and am all for keeping the 'old' variety. I am sorry your arm ended up so bad, lets hope there is a medical reason for it, and he can stay as he is for a short while. I do think that responsible breeders do a good job, just wish there was more of the general public who were as responsible.
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baker has the greenest eyes ive ever seen he is awsome!
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Gayef, could you just keep one of Tonka's boy kittens and use him as a replacement for Tonka? I mean he would be relateed to that one queen but not the rest, right?

My male stud is very agressive too but he has an indoor and outdoor enclosure. I plan on spaying the female that he gets along with well and respects (when she tells him to back off he does) and putting her in with him. That way he'll have company at all times. I don't think it's a bad life for my stud at all. He has more room and will have more company then a lot of neutered house cats I know. Plus he gets to do the wild thing every now and then. Sounds like a good life to me!!
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How is your arm now, Gaye?
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Thanks to all for your messages of support and encouragement. My arm is completely healed now and Tonka has not been at all aggressive with me since. In fact, he and Lexus were bred on June 27 and we are expecting (crossing fingies) a healthy litter sometime around the end of August.
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[quote=eatrawfish]We rarely get purebred kittens/cats at our shelters. It DOES happen, but the majority of the kittens we get are from feral cats, or unspueterd cats that get to roam around. Good breeders are not the problem.

I don't mean to start anything, but there is no such thing as "purebred" - there is registered or not registered. Without registration there is absolutely NO way of proving that a cat is of a given breed. If a person turns in a cat with its registration papers, THEN and only then can a cat be considered of a certain breed.

Reputable breeders put breeding restrictions on their kittens which are sold out as pets - if kittens weigh enough to neuter before they are sold, many breeders are doing this with their pet kittens also before selling them. The problem arises when BYBs get it into their minds that they are going to make money breeding knowing less than nothing about husbandry, health, temperament, etc. These same ignorant people turn around and sell out to pet buyers who either also hope to recoup their purchase price by breeding their cat or who know nothing about the breed of cat they are buying and find out that they don't want to deal with long coats on breeds which need brushing or excess activity in shorthair breeds such as Siamese or who feel that the cat they bought doesn't "match the color of their furniture".

Additionally, there are many breed rescue groups who will take cats which appear to be of a given breed from shelters and make excellent efforts to place the poor cats who have lost their forever homes.

Sorry, I see I've gone off into one of my tangents.

I also wish to point out that I greatly respect gaye because she has done years and years of research of her given breed, breeding practices, etc. prior to having her first ever litter; and I also feel the need to preserve the pedigreed Old Style cats (those who are registered with an acceptable registry such as CFA, ACFA, TICA, ACA, CFF). Ooops, here I go again.

Barb Amalfi
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