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New mom

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On Tuesday coming home from seeing my sister graduate i was pulling up to my house to find Arrow, a brand new mom of 6 kittens laying dead in the road, we had taken care of Arrow as a stray since she was born almost 3 years ago, we have since given 2 of the kittens away, took one into our home and are looking for homes for the other 3. I will always remeber you Arrow, have fun will all the other cats in kitty heaven.

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What a beautiful cat and what a rotten shame.
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She looks like she could be related to my Festus! I am very sorry for your loss of this sweet girl. How old are the kittens? Are they doing ok without her?

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The kittens are 5 or 6 weeks old, they are doing fine, eating mush and drinking water now, they will be okay hopefully
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I saw his pic on the lounge board. I'm glad they are almost old enough to manage without their Momma. Such a sad situation. I'm glad you get to keep one baby inside to help ease your pain, and his!
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Poor mamma kitty. She looks like she could have been related to my Abby. I'm so sorry. It must have been hard to find her. Hopefully Pouffer does well without Momma. My thoughts are with you.
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Arrow was a stunningly beautiful cat - she looked alot like a bobcat in her color & features. What an unhappy find on your sister's special day. Arrow was blessed that you were there to look after her family for her. I'm sure she looks down at you & thanks you from the bottom of her heart. Best wishes for many happy years with the baby that you've kept, and my deepest hope that you find excellent homes for the other 3. With sympathy, Susan
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I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you have one of her kittens to comfort you.
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I am sorry to hear about Arrow. She was beautiful I am glad you are keeping one and have found homes for a few. Good luck finding good homes for the rest of the family. My thoughts are with you. RIP Arrow.
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Your Arrow was so beautiful! I'm sure her kittens are too. May the baby you kept live a long & healthy life, and keep her mothers' spirit alive for you.
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oh that is so sad :'(
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