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Love Nibbles?

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I have 2 adult Persians (2 yrs. old). My male, Buster, who is neutered, is a very cuddly docile baby.

About 10 weeks ago, I brought in 2 kittens (from feral colony) which I have bottle raised, etc. etc. After testing negative for FeLV I introduced them to my 2 Persians.

To my surprise, there has been no spitting, hissing, swatting etc. They all love one and another; they share food, litter boxes and I even find them sleeping next to eachother...all good.

Buster (the Persian male) cleans them...which is very nice of him I think. The kittens close their eyes and let him do his (motherly) thing. Funny, how my female Persian has not been motherly and cleanded them. Anyway, the licking/cleaning turns into nibbles and the kittens do give a little cry or two until I seperate them. He pins them down with his very hairy paw and licks them which again turns into these little nibbles.

Do you think these nibbles are gestures of affection?

Very aggressive male Persian - Buster... [IMG][/IMG]
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My guess is that the nibbles are misguided attempts to nurse. If Buster is grooming them, don't be surprised if the kittens try to nurse, particularly if they were separated from their mom early (and bottle fed). I had a male do that with young kittens and it formed a very tight bond between them all.

Your Buster sounds like a total sweetie-pie!!
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i don't know but Buster is BEAUTIFUL!
My Lovey also mimics Buster's pose in your pic above and I love it!
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