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We're new here!

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Good morning. My name is Donna and my cat is Butterscotch a beautiful tabby. I could use an opinion from you long time cat owners.

This is just some basic info on Butterscotch that has nothing to do with the opinion. We have a Yorkie and never had a cat because I didn't like them when B came into our home. My husband works as an electrician for the city way out in an wooded area where there is a state park, a TVA electrical plant, and several other industrial type sites. There are also coyotes and other animals harmful to ones smaller than themselves. We are not sure exactly how he came to be out there as a kitten. Obviously, someone dumped him, his family or whatever out there to die. My spouse tried rescue organizations in our area and none would take him without us giving them a great deal of money. He called me and I told him to bring the kitten home as I didn't want him destroyed at a shelter if no one would take him. He is now part of the family (3 years later) and we love him (including moi) very much.

Here is the problem. I have tried to get every pet sitter in town to come here to pet sit for us while we are on vacation but they all say they don't service our area. Our dog is being kenneled but we tried kenneling B at the vets once and he was very very unhappy being in a cage for a week. We have no one here that can come to stay or even check on him. I just don't know what to do. I can provide 2 litter boxes, plenty of food and water sources, toys, windows to look out etc if he stays by himself and I know it is not the best solution, but we have left him for several days before (3-4) and though he was lonely when we got home, he was perfectly ok (we remove everything he could possibly knock over to hurt himself on desks etc if he jumps on them to look out the window. Should we kennel him or leave him in the home? We have AC so he would not be uncomfortable in the heat. I am just in a quandry about this, but our trip is in August and we have to make some kind of a decision. Those of you who have left your cat home alone, how long have you done it?

Thanks for your input

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Hi Donna,

Welcome to the board! Whereabouts are you located? Have your tried Meowhoo.com and looked at the selection of cat sitters there to find one in your area? Have you talked to a vet tech at your vet clinic to ask if they know someone competent enough to pet sit for you? The problem is even though you are leaving for just a few days, you could get hung up and be gone longer. You should have a back-up plan in place in case this happens.

Good luck!
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Hissy: I have contacted 6 pet sitters (all that I can find in our area from about 4 websites that offer this service, including the one you mentioned that had none) I have talked to the vet and kennel that I use to no advail. I suppose as a last resort, I could give our key to the neighbor and IF something happened we couldn't get home in time, she could come check on him. I really don't even like leaving him alone because I made him "clingy" when my dh brought him home. I guess I figured he needed mothering after being out in the wilderness so I mothered him to pieces. My Yorkie is the same way so they both are pretty co-dependent!

Thanks for the welcome!

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Welcome! hope you get it all worked out! I am donna too proudly owned by 3 incredible kitty!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hello and welcome!!

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Welcome to TCS, Donna! As for your quandry, it's a tough one. With a reliable neighbor as a backup, your cat would probably be fine physically. However, if you live in an area susceptible to severe weather, B is safer at the kennel. Either way, he'd be unhappy but I've understood that cats prefer to stay in their own environment, as opposed to dogs, who'd rather be with the pack. It's not a perfect world, and you don't do this often and I would hate to have you decide that this situation means that you can't have a cat in your life, because then what would happen to the cat? Cats are flexible and I'm sure he'd rather you'd be gone for just a short term, than forever. You obviously love your Butterscotch very much, and I am sure that you will do your best for him. Please keep us posted whatever you decide, and I will support you on it! Susan
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Oh, no,no,no,no! There is not a question about giving him away or getting rid of him. He is part of our family like my children and grandson are. We would quit taking trips before we give him away or get rid of him. We will most likely leave him in our home as I feel he would be more comfortable here. My son and dil would keep him but they live nearly 700 miles away and it would be impossible to get him up there and go and get him again. I appreciate everyone's thoughts about it. I guess I just needed validation that I wasn't some horrid witch if we leave him in the house. We live in Memphis and occasionally have bad storms, but he thankfully never seems bothered by them. It may be the fact that we own a condo and not a house and the back side is protected by a garage and the front side is fairly protected too so he can't hear or see much anyway.

Thanks again

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Hi, Butterscotch and Donna! Sierra and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Hi And Welcome to TCS!!!
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