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fishie fishy??

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as most of you remember i had a fish tank with two fishies and an algae eater.
Yesterday morning i was sure that i had all 3 of them in the tank.
In the evening i saw one fish was missing but i thought it was hiding..
now today i just opened the tank and that one fishie isnt there anymore
teufel couldnt have opened the lid but i have no idea where this little fish has gone

Do you think my algea eater ate it??
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I'm not familiar with fish but I am familiar with cats lol.. I don't think the aldea eater would've eaten it but I could be wrong!!
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I am always interested in a mystery and thus was checking the net and found this. Or perhaps kitty took it?
The Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) is sometimes kept in aquaria to control algae. It can range up to 28 cm in length, but aquarium residents tend to be under 10 cm. It has a reputation for becoming increasingly jealous of its territory as it matures.
Young Chinese Algae Eaters can be kept in community, but adult specimens can be aggressive to other fish. They most often attack slow-swimming, flat-bodied fish and shouldn't be kept with them.
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hmm thanx bumpy, the second one sounds very familiar, because my other fish was getting fat and was becoming slow hmm.. but where is the skeliton?\\

i know teufel couldnt have touched it bause he isnt able to put the lid back on if he opened it
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I had an algae eater (can't remember which kind) eat a gold fish once. Caught him in the act.
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was it the orange one? (the algae eater?)
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No, he looked more like a shark/cat fish and was grey with black spots.
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Bad fishy! It does sound like maybe the other one got eaten.
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that's sad, fwan!
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Algae eaters and snails will eat your dead fish pretty fast. One of my mollies died about a week ago and by the end of the day the algae eater and snails had completely gotten rid of all evidence. The same happened with one of my danios and with a guppy. I've caught the plecto (algae eater) in action before, on the danio- and of course the snails totally cover the dead fish. It's amazing how quickly they act. I lost my favorite fish, red platy I called her (original name I know). She gave me many grandfishies. When she died I didn't let them get at her!!
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my dad thinks that teufel is able to open the lid and shut it back on.. but with the very top orange lid he might be able to open it, but he isnt able to get his paw in the tank unless he wants to stick his paw in the filter thing..
well our filter is dying (great ebay)
the other fish that is alive is really agitated he wont stop racing from one side to the other and i noticed that the agae eater is running after him???
teufel is pretty happy poucing at the tank

I presumed the other one was going to die anyway, but i didnt think it would vanish that quickly.. maybe i should have payed more attention in the morning but then again i was out for most of the day.
i really wanted them to have babies
when i come back from my holiday which is in 3 weekish i will go and buy another fish tank
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Could it have died and then gotten sucked into the filter? I have had this happen before.
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nope :S the filter is small because the fish tank is small, the fish was bigger than the pumps head. and when i open it i can see the filter and there is nothing in there
oh well it doesnt matter
RIP Fishy
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If your fish did die, then it may very well have been eaten by the algae eater. I also had a fish die and discovered the snails and a cat fish were on clean up duty. I don't mind letting nature clean up the dead fish!! Sorry for your loss.
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