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I have approximately 7 week old kittens. I have looked in their ears and they seem to have alot of black ear wax. Should I make an attempt to clean it out?
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It sounds as if your babies most likely have earmites. Have you observed them shaking their heads or pawing at their ears? This is easily treated with drops that your Vet will prescribe to you. Please do not attempt to clean their ears, as with such tiny babies, one little slip could damage their ears or push the substance deeper into their ears. Please get your babies to the Vet to be examined as soon as possible, and please do keep us updated how your little ones are doing!
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Unless like Steph says they are shaking their heads and acting like it bothers them. DO NOT use q-tips on them, you could puncture their eardrums easily.
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No it doesnt seem to be bothering them at all. I have never observed them pawing at their ears or anything like that. However, like I said, I just saw that the ears looked dirty. I will bring them all into the vet on monday.
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Glad there going to the vet .. I agree with Hissy and Steph sounds like ear mites.. sending to the babies
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