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Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! (rant)

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Sorry all but i just have to get this out!!! I have a website through .. well i wont say because i dont know if its againt policy but.. its a realllly good deal that i got last year because it was a new company.. weelll my year is up and ive been trying to get ahold of someone to renew it since alll of my pictures that i post are on there (like my sig) so I wouldnt have any downtime. Noone would write me back and i got a mass email saying they were having problems with renewal notices and to email the CEO.. soooo i did that.. TWICE and no reply! theyre supposed to have a gaurenteed 4 hour reply 24/7! I'm soooo PO'd right now! I just emailed the help desk AGAIN ! veerrryy mad! they better write me back so i can have my site up by next week! PLUS they better honor my price that i paid
Disk Space: 3000mb
Bandwidth: 150gb/month
Sub Domains: Unlimited
Addon Domains: 50
E-mail Accounts: Unlimited
PHP, SQL, Frontpage
Extentions, CGI

Free Domain Name


It says on the site that they honor the price annually and i kept the page saved for proof! I am NOT a happy camper right now! Ok .. Im going to bed... lol Ill keep you updated! (BTW I really like this font! lol) gaaaahhhhh......... Thanks for listening (or reading?)
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Oh Stacy that is darn frustrating! I hope you get a reply soon. Sleep well sweetie!
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Wow! 150 Gig traffic a month for $45 a year? That sure sounds like a good deal! Good luck getting it sorted out.
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Thanks guys, I still havent heard from them... 4 hour response time my butt! They have a phone # but its long distance and we dont have long distance so I'm stuck waiting.... I would just go look for a new host but I don't want to lose this deal!!
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...Poor Stacy, ...
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aw! That sucks. I hope it all gets sorted out soon!!!
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me too! I have new pictures of Finnegan I took this morning!!
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Aww I wanna see them! Let us know as soon as you hear anything!
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I will I may have to get a phone card and call the number grrrrr
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Weelll i finally got though by email! The CEO emailed me today after I set up a gmail account.. They were having problems getting through to my AOL so I sent out my paypal and my site should be back friday! Phhhheeew im glad I dont need to worry about this anymore!
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