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Meish in the afternoon

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Got some fun shots of my girl in her window bed today.

Oh hey look, its a paw.

Isn't she just begging for a hug here?

Oh so comfy

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

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She sure is enjoying all that sunshine. Those are great pictures.
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Aw hi pretty Meish! You look so content lying there, I bet Baylee would love a window ledge like yours!
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Hehehe, Spyder likes to lay in the sun like that too!!
Meish is a cutie!!!
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Awwwww what a pretty baby!! She looks so contented in her little window bed. Waffle would kill for one of those! I also loved your caption and picture of Meish checking out her paw!!
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Oh Meish! Thanks for sharing the pics Beth!
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful


love it!
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Oh pretty Meish!!!!! Those pics are great, Beth. It's a good thing you had your camera handy. Those were the perfect moments. I really like the last pic. Such a pretty face!
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Love the little story you put together! Cute! and Meish, you a beauty!!
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Oh Meish, you ARE beautiful! Those are some great pictures...although, I think she looks a little less than pleased in some of them about being interrupted from her beauty sleep! Seriously, though...she is just gorgeous! I have always had a thing for grey cats....(but don't tell the boys that!)
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she does look so hugable! beautiful kitty
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What a lovely babe~!!
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-cute pics of Meishka in her window perch Beth! I bet she spends a lot of time there!
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She is so beautiful!!!
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