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My Poor daughter...

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My daughter just called me to tell me her dog, Abbey died. Abbey was a gentle giant. She was part great dane and was the friendliest, sweetest dog.

My daughter, Rachel, took in a young co worker who was being evicted from her apartment for non payment. Rachel told her she could stay with her for 1 month if she paid her $100. This was about 3 weeks ago. Rachel bought a new house and moved out 2 weeks ago. She kept telling the girl that she had to get her belongings out of the old house because it was sold and was no longer her house. Well, the girl didn't get her stuff out and two days ago she went to check on it (she had a computer, DVD, TV and some other stuff there). The computer was gone. The young girl was mad at my daughter because she felt Rachel and her bf should have moved her stuff. Go figure!

Anyway, because Abbey was so big and tended to make a mess of the house, Rachel would tie her on a leash with a cable so Abbey could roam the back yard while she was at work. Her boyfriend gets home not long after she goes to work normally. She came home from work last night and Abbey was gone. The cable and leash wasn't broken or anything so someone let the dog loose. She asked the girl staying with her what time she had left that morning and if she had noticed Abbey in the yard. First the girl said she left around 10:00 A.M. Rachel knew that was a lie because she left at 9:50 and the girl was still in bed sleeping. So Rachel started looking for Abbey and asking neighbors. A couple of them saw the girl in the back yard with Abbey at 11:00 and said Abbey was loose and running the back yard. Some other neighbors had seen Abbey running around the neighborhood at 11:15. The last sighting of her alive was at noon. A school girl said she thought she saw Abbey laying in the church yard at 2:00 PM and she thought she was dead. But Rachel thought maybe the dog was just sleeping in the grass. Rachel spent all night looking for her dog and making posters. So this morning she went to the animal shelter to see if they picked her up and to distribute more posters. That's where they told her they had picked Abbey up in the Church yard and Abbey had been hit by a car and died.

I feel so terrible for my daughter. She's so upset. And we're sure this girl wanted to somehow get back at Rachel and let the dog loose. Some others that work with them both, said right away, "She did it." She may not have intended to kill Abbey but she did. I told Rachel to have what belongings the girl has in her house ready by the door and to tell her she has to leave. There are other things that point to her letting the dog loose too. That girl is lucky I live 45 miles away because I would love to go meet her after work and knock the S*&$ out of her. Why do people have to be so stupid? UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!
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OMG Tammie! That is so sad! Poor Rachel, and Poor Abbey!
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Thanks Sam. I feel so sad. And I feel awful for Rachel. I'm going to find a picture of Abbey and post it later.
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I a so sorry your daughter has to go through such an ordeal, especially since she was doing that girl a great kindness in taking her in. It was pretty nervy of that girl to expect your girl to move her stuff. Karma is going to bite her on the butt eventually.
Is she anywhere near eastern NC? I'll go smack her for you.
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grr i hate peopel like that.
cant your daughter report her?
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Words fail me!

Rachel Tammie
RIP sweet Abbey
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Oh that just makes me sick!!! That girl who let poor Abbey loose deserves a serious tongue lashing... I'm so sorry for your daughter. I hope she takes your advice and sends the girl packing ASAP. Someone like that doesn't deserve to the kindness your daughter bestowed upon her!
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that makes me SOOO mad!!! All of her things would be left outside---BROKEN!

What a beyotch! I feel so bad for your daughter!!!
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That girl deserves to be "let loose" herself. I hope your daughter makes her leave now!!
And I am sorry that it ended the way it did.
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thats so awful. i hope that girl gets whats coming to her.
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She should call the police and tell them the story. She may be able to press charges, but at least they could accompany your daughter when she goes to the house to confront that criminal!

Anyone that cruel is not safe to be around. I am so sorry for your daughter and for Abbey!
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Here are some pictures of Abbey with Rachel's cats.

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It is my daughters house. My daughter is just sweet and was letting the girl stay there so she wouldn't be homeless. Right now the girl is at work and won't come back to Rachel's house until later tonight.

The animal control is who picked up Abbey's body. Here in Utah that pretty much means the Sherriff department. Rachel talked to them about it when she went there and found out Abbey was dead
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Abbey was a beautiful girl. And just from the pictures I can tell she was loving and as gentle as they come. I can also tell that she gave your daughter so much love and so many laughs to last her a lifetime of dogs.
Though I do not know your daughter, please let her know that someone (me) is thinking of her and her precious Abbey.
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OH MY GOSH! Those pictures are precious. It makes me even more mad. I'm so mad at that girl.

RIP Abbey.
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I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. There is no accounting for the cruelty in this world. My thoughts are with you at this time and for Abbey running at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Abbey was a joy to Rachel. She loved that dog so much. One of the sad things about it is that Abbey was still just a puppy. She wasn't even quite a year old.
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How horrible! I feel so sorry for your daughter. People like this girl do get what's coming to them, but sometimes it takes a LOOONG time for that to happen. What a rotten thing to do, but of course it takes a rotten person to do it :-(
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Originally Posted by jcat
Tricia, I agree completely....
Those pictures of Abbey are precious, and what happened to her because of that cruel girl is inexcuseable.(sp?)

R.I.P. sweet Abbey
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That makes me mad!! !!!!! You need to smack her up!!!!!!!! And throw her things out in the street and watch as cars run all her stuff over!!!! MUAHAHAHA :troll:
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What a beautiful sweet faced girl Abbey was. I know how your daughter is feeling right now. I had a beautiful German Shepherd dog name Liebe, she was about 11 months old, when my brother let her out, and she was hit by a car, and killed. I was devasted.

My heart is going out for your daughter because the loss of Abbey was truly a tragic loss, and it should never have happened.
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Thanks everybody. I have passes along all your condolences to Rachel and she appreciates them. Today she is doing a little better. She still has crying jags but she is able to talk about Abbey and remember the good things. Of course then she starts crying again because it makes her miss her even more. She said her cats are walking room to room meowing today. That long drawn out moan like they're crying. She says it's like they are looking for Abbey.

Abbey was an inside doggie but Rachel had just moved into her house and the gate to her backyard fence was broken. That's why she had Abbey on a pully like chain while she was gone (until she could fix it). One thing we wondered about was why the shelter didn't scan Abbey and call Rachel right away. Abbey was chipped & she had a collar on. I told her to call them and politely ask them why and to explain that it would have helped her to better deal with the situation. Maybe they will start scanning and it will help ease someone elses mind in the future.
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What Jcat said! That individual certainly is a piece of work! I'd beat the living daylights out of her if I got close enough, believe me!!

Maggie in Western Australia
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Tammie, I am so sorry. Abbey is in peace now. RIP Abbey~~~
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Those pictures of Abbey with the kitties amde me cry. Poor Abbey and your poor daughter. That girl should have to pay for her behavior!
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so very sorry!
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