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where to go for tags

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I'm trying to decide if and where to go to get tags made for Chay and hopefully Billy. Chay's still pretty small at 10 oz. so most of the ones I see online or at Wal-mart or Petco look too big for him. Plus, I'm hoping the braided leather collar I made him holds up, and I'm not sure if the sliding tags will fit on it (the ones that hang on rings should be no problem). Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get tags, or if I should wait until he's a little bigger to put one on?
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I am just not sure why a 10 oz kitten would need a collar and tags?
Surely, he isn't going outside and doesn't even need them?
If you are worried about him escaping one day, why not look into microchipping?
If you are stuck on the collar thing, I would wait to put one on...
My vet sells tags but yes, any Pet supply store would have them too one would think.
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I'm hoping to microchip them as well, and I need to check into it around this city to make sure its checked for if lost animals get found. They're definately not going to be outdoor cats except maybe on a leash, but I don't want the "they're indoor cats only" to be the reason I never find them if they somehow do get outside and get lost. I love my babies already, even though I don't have them yet, so I'm trying to learn what would be best for them. :-p
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i have always used the barrels for young animals.. aka tube can be found at petco and petmart
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I got mine on ebay for a great price, and they're quite small (didn't want anything big even though my cats are full grown). I'd check there.
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I have gotten all of mine from ebay, from the seller Pettagsnmore, she also has a website, pettagsnmore.com
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www.luckypet.com has different sizes of tags - their small tags are nice for cats, and they have a tiny oval tag suitable for kittens or ferrets. I've ordered lots of tags from them over the years, and have always been happy with their service. www.tagexpress.com has some cute ones too, though I haven't ordered from them yet.

Just a caution: if you want to put collars on your kittens (this applies to full-grown cats too), it's important to make sure they're safety collars that will break away or stretch all over in case one of them gets caught on something. Since cats & kittens jump up high on things & get into all sorts of tight spots, it's quite common for them to get their collars caught up on things. If that happens, the collar needs to be of the type that will allow the cat to break free, to avoid a potential tragedy.

Beastie Bands are good allover stretchy safe collars that will even fit small kittens. I like Safe Cat breakaway collars too, but the latch is probably too strong for a small kitten to break open (put one around your wrist & try to break the latch with a force equivalent to that you think your kitten or cat can exert to choose the right one for your cat). I don't like the ones with just a little section of elastic for the safety release, because my cats have gotten those caught in their mouths, and I've also come home to find a cat with his leg stuck through one.

You can find safety collars at pet shops, and you can also probably find several good choices in the Cat Shop section of this site or on Meowhoo.com.

Hope this helps.
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