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Radio question for the day: 05/27/05

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Are you having a gathering/party for Memorial day?

One question I have is: do you plant flowers on anyones grave for Memorial day?
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Nope, to the first one, working Monday morning. Won't Monday, but will the next Sunday on Hubs dad's grave.
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It is not something we have here in NZ! But hugs to all those that have lost somebody.
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No Memorial Day in Canada (we had our long weekend last week). So, no to both questions.
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Yes to the first question......having a crawfish boil.

Normally we put flowers on grandparents graves but we won't be here so will do so when we get back.
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I am going to a get together on Saturday, but am not hosting it.

No, we don't. We don't really know anyone in the city where we live.
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We are not doing either. We are going to try and spend some alone time together. We cater so many parties we are peopled out.
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No big plans here...will probably just go see the parade if my niece is feeling up to it.
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I am not having one, but I think we're going to one tomorrow night.

I don't plant flowers on anyone's grave for Memorial Day.
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Mom and I spent most of the morning visiting cemeteries - all my 5 grandparents, some of Mom's aunts and older brother (stillborn), her sister and a couple of her mom's cousins. At least ones who we knew their location. Then on the way home we stopped by my Dad's grave. Planting flowers is frowned on by the local cemeteries so we left silk flowers.

Otherwise, the next weekend plans are a birthday party on Monday for my nephew's daughter. They and sis and niece are all camping up at a park int he northern part of our county.

BTW - I am typing this with a sleeping, very relaxed kitten in my arms!
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