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Tigger's update

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I took her in today. They had to put a needle in her abdomen to get the urine analysis. The vet said that her pH was a little high, around 7.0 I had to wait about 10 minutes for her to get the full analysis back.... She came back & said Tigger showed no signs of infection, but did have some crystals, but not large enough to detect something. So, she put her on some amoxicillin for 10 days. She also gave me 2 cans of Science Diet food ( S/D & C/D). She is thinking maybe she doesn't get enough water, so she wants to see how she does with that. She also gave me a syringe to squirt water into her mouth for extra water. She spoke of a bengal who had similar problems. They did everything for the cat: tests, ultrasounds, & even surgery to figure out the cause. Eventually, they determined it was because of lack of water! So, I am to give Tigger this canned food not as a main diet, but to add it as a treat. Other than that she is just fine...... I also got her an Upper Respiratory Shot (yearly). I chose not to give her the Feline Leukemia since she is not an outdoors cat. Plus, since they don't have proof she was ever tested, they wouldn't give it to her! Well, I have it in the contract that she was Feline Leukemia/FIV negative, but apparently that wasn't enough!
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My Bengal (Molly) was dehydrated when I first got her. I put her on wet food and all is well.

Good luck let us know what happens
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