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Kansas City Kitty needs a Home

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I have never singled out one cat before that needed to be adopted.... but this cat is so pretty and feminine that i thought she'd be gone the same day she came up for adoption! However, today marks FOUR MONTHS that she has been at Wayside Waifs. I feel my pretty girl may never make it out of the shelter. So, if you have room in your home, your heart, and your wallet needs a to be a little thinner to fit in those summer shorts....

IF you want more information, please call an adoption counselor at 816.761.8151. She was a stray, however, and they probably don't have much information on her. Adopters MUST meet the cat before adopting, so either you live here or you're willing to come in asap

http://www.petharbor.com/detail.asp?ID=A074427&searchtype=ADOPT&friends=0&samaritans=0&nosuccess=0&orderb y=ID&rows=10&imght=120&imgres=thumb&view=sysadm.v_web_1&fontface=arial&zip=64137 &miles=10&shelterlist='WYWF'&where=type_CAT&LOCATION=WYWF
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Oh, to be richer and closer to Kansas City!

Good Luck Kay!
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Is there anyone at WW that can crosspost to KCANIMALTALK? I see rescue group transfers going on there all the time. I'll do it for you, but it needs to be approved by WW before I post. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but could get the girl into a home foster program.
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Maybe if you call and say someone brought her to your attention b/c she has been there for so long... and maybe just see if they will transfer if she ends up being scheduled for euthanasia? I love my lil Kay but I wish I didn't have to see her everytime I went there!
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Just wanted to give you guys an update that KAY GOT ADOPTED... along with another sorta-long-timer J.R. (Beautiful gray cat with some bengal like markings)! They went home about 10 days ago and I am so thrilled!!
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Now that's the best news I've heard all day!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Just thought I would share a pic of J.R. to make you even HAPPIER this beautiful kitty went home with Miss Kay!

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Awwww.....handsome boy! It is so nice to see 2 adult cats being placed together!!
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