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Kits and PetSmart

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Hey guys, do any of you know if the cats/kitties that are in the adoption center of PetSmarts have someone that interact with them? I was in there at lunch and always go over to say hello, and they looked so sad in those little cages. It made me feel so bad. Does anyone ever pay attention to them, play with them, etc?
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I always go and pet them through the cages but I've never seen anyone take them out except for on Saturdays. Here Sat. is the "adoption day" so the volunteers are there as well. I usually see all of the dogs out on Sat. and the cats in still in the cages. Soemtimes I see them take the kittens out.

My husband hates going in there with me b/c I always try to talk him into letting me take some home.
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The little rescue group I'm involved with has an arrangement with our local Petsmart to take young/adult cats for us when the space is available. Our coordinator checked out the situation pretty carefully and learned the cats have daily interaction/play time with store staff and/or volunteers. We've placed five cats with them in the past month and all have found great homes in less than two weeks.
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That's where I got Hammie from!!!

My daughter I were in there in July 2002 buying supplies for my 3 cats. I was pondering adopting a kitten. The Humane Society of Northern KY sets up adopt-a-thons with dogs & cats every Saturday at PetSmart.

So, we went in and looked around at all the kittens & cats. From what I saw --- the lady who worked for the HSKY --- she totally spoiled and loved on all the cats & kittens. She was a foster mom to Hammie & about 20 other cats at her house.

There were plenty of kids & people in to visit & play with the cats & kittens. Hammie was one of many who were NOT in a cage. He was free roaming in the room (Glass enclosed so they can see out). He was so personable, friendly, and his motor was running so loud, I knew right away I'd found my new baby. He was only 12 wks old.

Anyways from what I saw / still see in Petsmart, when we go there on weekends, the cats & kittens & dogs get loads of attention. The people who work in PetSmart are super friendly. And the HSKY workers who have the adopt-a-thons are very passionate about finding the right homes for their foster cats & dogs.
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The agency I foster for keeps the cats and kittens in homes. Then on Saturday, we bring available cats to Petsmart and set them up in cages for people to see. So ours are in homes all week.

I was glad to read Eilcon's post, about how well the cats that stay there are treated. I do know that they have large cages!
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In our area, the rescue groups have someone there at least 5 hours each day.
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I always stop and play with them as best I can through the cages. And I see staff at our petsmart always with them as well. Does my heart good!
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There are two groups that have cats at our PetSmart. I have no idea if Animal Control has volunteers out, but I'm guessing they do. Action for Animals does have volunteers out every day to visit the kitties. It's also a busy PetSmart and there are always people there interacting with them, even if it is through bars. I like their set up much better than the one at Petco, where the cats are kept in these plexiglass cages and you can't touch them- although I'm assuming there's a reason for that.
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Well, I"m glad to hear that people do interact with them through out the day. They were all so sweet and I wanted to say, "give them all to me"
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The rescue group fron here Carolina Animal Protection Society (CAPS) has volunteers that foster and socialize all the cats and kits that go to our local Petsmart. There is usually a volunteer from them there for a few hours every day to help people handle and pet the cats. The employees are very attentive, and they give the best care that they can. I have turned over several found or rescued cats that I could not keep to CAPS, and they were vetted, neutered, and homed within a month. They are a great group.
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Aw! That's good to hear that people do pay attention to them, at one petshop we went to here in NZ the kittens were so scared and their litter trays were so dirty!
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The local shelter had a bunch outside on the sidewalk yesterday. I went up and entertained myself. I fell in love with a long haired calico. She was talking to me. They kept telling me I should take her and make it an even number
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There are also two groups at our local Petsmart who bring cats and kittens out. One is Pet Adoptions by Judy and while Brendan and I were there once a couple of months ago the volunteer let us hold and play with the kittens while she cleaned out their cages. At ours the animals go to their foster home each night and are only at Petsmart for a block of time during their designated days. I actually was just in there yesterday and wanted to cry because there was this little orange tabby in there who kept staring at me, following my every move with his eyes like he was begging me to bring him home. I can't tell you how badly I want to get another one!!!!
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Originally Posted by captiva
The local shelter had a bunch outside on the sidewalk yesterday. I went up and entertained myself. I fell in love with a long haired calico. She was talking to me. They kept telling me I should take her and make it an even number

You dont want to make it the "super six?" Really what is one more?! I know the feeling everytime I go I have to keep telling myself, cj does not need a partner in crime.
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