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I got punched!

Kahu absolutely loves his wet food treats, we give them to him for breakfast - only the chicken and beef wet food, fish gives him the runs.

Anyway, I woke up and Kahu was sitting on Jake's hip, waiting for us to get up and feed him.

I turned my head to close my eyes again and then all of a sudden, it felt like a human had punched me in the stomach and I got winded - I thought Jake had punched me in his sleep or something and when I opened my eyes, it was Kahu!!!! I guess he figured out how to use all his body weight (approx 9lbs) into his paws and punched me!!!! I was shocked - yesterday, he sat on my very full bladder for a while until I finally gave up to go pee.

That darn cat is getting too clever for his own good - I guess being deaf makes him more observant and he uses that to his advantage!

Have any of your furbabies done this or something that was too clever for their own good??
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Oh i can feel it now! Sophies terrible for jumping right smack in the centre of your stomach, and normally it's when i have a full bladder as well

Still on with Sophie!, she's never clawed at anything in the house, but i've started playing with them with the laser pen?.

I bought some new livingroom curtains 3 weeks ago, and i've noticed that she gets my attention to get the laser pen out by sticking her claws in the curtains because the minute i reach for it she stops!.
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Tibby has a tendancy to punch me too! He'll do anything with his 1.5 stone body to get my attention!

Molly is a little thief and will steal anything that she wants and then work - sometimes for hours non-stop - to open it and eat the contents! All I hear at night is Molly running around with a tub of treats!
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My lucky prefers the head butt technique with a side of squeaks and chattering to get me up and serving up the food. Her other one is to try lying with her furry back right in my face so i can't breathe....usually wakes me up pretty quick. Rambo on the other hand has gotten a taste for tropical fish food and every day the container goes missing as he spends all night chasing it around trying to get it open. crazy cats!
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Lucy is too curious for her own good. When we got the humane trap to catch Hazel in, my hubby and I were wondering how it worked. We knew Lucy wouldn't be able to stand it and would investigate the trap immediately. Sure enough, we set the trap, put it on the floor and 2 seconds later Lucy was trapped
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LOL! Cute stories.
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That has happened to me millions of times!

I remember several times, I'd be laying on the couch eating when one of the mischievous cats decide to use my tummy as a trampoline and as a result, I'd spill my food on myself!
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