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Noisy Breathing !

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Hello There.

I'm getting a little concerned about my little Kiki. When she's relaxed and about to fall asleep, her breathing sounds noisier.

All of my cats have done this. With dee, it's when she's about to start purring however Kiki seems to do it every time she's falling asleep. plus it's louder than the rest of my cats.

when I wake her up she's fine and breaths normally. My boyfriend has also commented on it. I assume it's like people and snoring ! some people do, and some don't.

Does anyone else's cat do this ?
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My boyfriend's cat snores so loudly that we can hear him from across the room. He also breathes loudly when his is awake, but he is a fat cat. Is Kiki normal weight? Does it depend on her position? I think most cats make a little bit more noise when they fall asleep because they are breathing more deeply. If you are concerned, you could have her checked out by a vet to make sure her lungs sound normal, but personally I wouldn't worry since she sounds normal while she is awake. If you hear her snorting as though she has stopped breathing and started again suddenly. then I would definitely have her checked out.
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Since your cat's breathing sounds normal while awake, and if the behavior is normal, I don't think it's anything to worry about. One of my cats is a noisy breather while sleeping, and he's purrrfectly healthy.
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Zorro snores. He's done it forever!

I told the Vet about it, cuz Zorro snores SO LOUD sometimes it's freaky, I hear it in my sleep. The Vet told me that Zorro is just a big cat & larger cats tend to snore more (?).

I guess just like cats purr different from each other, some cats snore different. Hammie does little weird noises during the night, like startle noises during a dream, but it's not a steady sawing logs like Zorro does!
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Chuckie snores (he's doing it right now!) One of the ferrets snore as well!
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