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Dodgy photos....look at your own risk....

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Grrr this is the third time I've tried to post this and it keeps going wrong!! anyway....I was going through some old photos last night and thought yuo might get a chuckle outta some of these! This is what happens to my hair aftera few strokes of a brush!! And this is on a good day - it usually gets twice as big as this!
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O for *$%!* sake!!! I can't post the other pics cos it says they are still too big - I have shrunk them about three times now and Im not doing it anymore!!! Cat love, could you do it for me? Pleeeease love, before I have a mental breakdown!! ha ha ha ha...(just don't post the one of me in the blue dress doing you know what!! ha ha ha)
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How are you gonna fit that `do in the limo?! You'd better stick your head thru the sun/moon, I didn't say stick your moon thru the sun stop that!

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ah just squish it down for me Bill would ya?!! (My "do" I mean! tut tut) Just while I get in!! ha ha ha ha....there are some other pics but I gave up trying to post them as I nearly gave myself a hernia!! ha ha ha ha
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:laughing2:laughing2 Rhea of course sweetie, send them to me, you don't have to ask...just send 'em on down. I loooooooooove that pic you're so darn cute. No wonder Sam can't say "no" to you! :LOL::pinky::LOL: are a RIOT!! I'm so happy you're a member here! Not to mention a great the way...why aren't you in the car...we're paying you by the hour! :laughing2 Actually, anyone that'd put up with us at a cyber party should be paid by us...(don't get any ideas now!)

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Cat love, I already took the liberty of sending em to ya!! ha ha ha ha - check your emails hun!! Thanks a billion!!
(Ps, Cat, I think I've sent you about 367 emails today - but don't worry I cleverly called the one with photos in it "photos" so you'd know!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha...clever eh?! ha ha ha oh dear... )
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WOWOWOWOW! :laughing2:laughing2 OOOOOO, you're one clever kitten...silly one too!! :laughing2 :laughing2

EEEEEEEeeeks, I just took a look! :laughing2 You weren't kidding! hahahaha!

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Heh heh heh, now you know which one you are forbidden to post!!!right?!! *panics*!! ha ha ha ha
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I have the same kind of hair! Well, I use to until I cut it all off that is!
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First we'll start off with her cute little puppie Chelsea! Isn't he gorgeous!

Ruh-Roh...boy, did he get HUGE!

I'm going to have to assume this is her family...she sent this to me entitled "me and the idiots" ....well, a term of endearment... I usally call my family the same thing! :LOL::LOL: Rhea, please clarify that one, will you sweets?

OOOOOOOOOO....Look at the cute couple Rhea and Sam

I wasn't supposed to post this but.....
(I know, I know ...just throw....

Love ya me blokette,

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Wow Rhea...I knew you were a Hottie but this just proves it!
Love the "cheesecake" pic!

Your puppy turned into a beautiful dog too!

(now where's the cats?) :laughing2
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Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!! Cat you EVIL woman!!!!! Take that off of here!!!! Noooooooo the total embarassment.....
Oh man that is sooo nasty!! Im gonna merge this thread with the other one I started with my afro pic!!! ha ha ha...yes that other pic is of me and my sisters and just some gorgeous guy who was a bartender there!! ha ha ha ha (we were on holiday!)
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I love seeing pics of the members and their animals!
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Great pic Rhea...ignore Bills comments on your hair (I it!) he's just jealous! :laughing2
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Rhea - absolutely beautiful pics! Love the blue dress one! What were you going to do?
post #16 of 27 do have some big hair, girl, but you are one BEAUTIFUL lady!!!!
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Thanks guys!! Sheesh...I'd have deleted that pic if I could have!! grrrr Cat!!! ha ha ha ha ha...Deb, don't even ask what the hec I was doing!!! I don't know!!! (Must've been inebreated at the time....yeah thats right.....heh heh)
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Nice pics.... Which ones do you want me to use in the members gallery? I know I haven't updated in a while, but I promise I will some day!
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Hi Anne :angel2:

I was just looking through that old thread last nite! There were tons of pages and it was really interesting to read some of the old posts. I was wondering if you were ever going to update the gallery, but I didn't know if the moderators did that or you did it. Either way, it's a great idea! I know you've been soooo busy; it'll have to wait for sure.

I hope things are going well....take care & God Bless!

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All that showed up on my computer was the first one with your hair and the one of the dog. The rest are all red X's. You look really pretty even with big hair. I should post one of me with my big hair. We could hold a contest.
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Ha ha ha ..Miss Whitney! I see you are "cursed" with big hair too!! ha ha ha- thanks for the compliment too!!! Anne, you can use whichever on you like - just not "THAT" know which one I mean!!!(the blue dress one - ugh!) ha ha ha ha
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Aarrrgh I don't understand why that happens! They were all there and now they're gone! That is soooo frustrating

Sorry, I'll see if I can fix it somehow...but I really don't know what to do about that since the URL/IMG will all be the same anyway! RRRRRRR....

I'll see if I can repost them

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Cat love, I can still see them!! I think maybe its just some ISP's sometimes that go a bit wonkey - its hppened to me loads of times!! One minute the pics are there, then they're not...then they are again!! weird!! But you're right....darn Annoying!!
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I posted some pics that were at PhotoIsland and they posted for about an hour and then disappeared. I guess they were just short viewing links. I couldn't get the 3 months ones to work. I don't know if that is what happened to yours but I had to find another site to post mine from that stayed.
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Rhea :angel2:

Hey sweets, I'm glad you can still see them! You're right, it is the difference in the ISP's and browsers. Thanks for letting me know.

Hiya Miss Whitney:angel2:
I've been using and have been having no problems with them up till now. Go figure? :laughing2 It just doesn't surprise me though...rrrrrrr! :laughing2

Talk to ya's later,
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so weird to see you are a real person and not a black&white British cat... By the way... why BodLover? It's you who have all those cats named like beers and wines, isn't it?
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Heh heh yep thats me!! ha ha ha ha...Im NOT an alcholic...I promise!!! (I don't even drink that much!!!) the name Bodlover comes from......Boddington (which is a beer) and is the name of one of my first cats.....he's mummy's baby boy you see (don't tell the others!!) hence "Bodlover" Intelligent eh?!! heh heh heh....yeah well.....
But you're right I have had:
Boddington (beer)
Tetley (beer, now an angel)
Merlot (red wine)
Brandy (now an angel)
Caffery (a dog, but still named after a beer)
and then we kinda gave up and now have:
Ebony (now an angel)
and Pip aswell as the other alcoholics!!! PHEW!!!
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