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Got my new Queen today!

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This is Kharma Supra. We call her Kharma. She became officially ours today at around 2pm pst. These are the photos I took of her at the breeders house while we were there. I'd take and post more but we just got home and total drove 14 hours today so yeah, i'm tired. She slept the entire 7 hour drive home. Didn't make a peep until I put her in the bathroom by herself. She wasn't having any of that! Little attention thief lol. Envy got one whiff of her and decided she hates Kharma and now hates Chaos as well. Le sigh. Chaos just wanted to smell Kharma. He seemed baffled by her.

Anyways without further ado I give you Calcatta's Kharma Supra of Feng Shui:
Kharma with her sisters:

Laying down:

Perfect muzzle and eye size, oh yeah and did I mention she's adorable?!:

Fabulous soft coat:

Doh! My ears are a bit big, but that's pretty much my only flaw. Mommy thinks i'm perfect:

I am sooo happy I finally got her. It's taken a looong time. But right now i'm exhausted so i'm going to bed.
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Congratulations! She's gorgeous.
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Congratulations on your beautiful Bengal baby. She is beautiful
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I'd say she was certainly worth the long drive. She is truly beautiful.

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Oh she's very beautiful, congratulations
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Congrats!!!! She is beautiful!!
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Wow she is a doll baby ... congrates
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I am not seeing the pictures of her.
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Hope, can you see them now?! They are working for me fine.
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Absolutely gorgeous!!!
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Yep, I see them now, and I agree, she is absolutely adorable. What a little beauty she is.
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I always wanted a cat like that! it is beautiful!
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What a cutie!!!
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I can't wait to see more pics, can I start beggin now??
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Originally Posted by pondwader
I can't wait to see more pics, can I start beggin now??
Me too, more pictures please?
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With perfect timing as usual my camera broke 8(. I needed a new one anyways but its going to have to wait a few weeks as I want to get an extremeely good one and those are $$.
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wow! you should be quite happy you got her! she is adorable!
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I am ecstatic I got her. She is exactly what I wanted. She has a whited tummy, large eyes that aren't bug-eyed, perfect rosettes, nice clear well-contrasted coat, lots of glitter, I thought my other Bengal Envy had soft fur until I felt Kharma's...WOW! She also has prominent whisker pads, and oh did I mention her personality? She is wonderful! She doesn't bat an eyelash when strangers come over and her and Chaos are getting along fabulously now, Envy still has her reservations though. She sleeps in the crook of my arm at night, and she starts purring the instant anyone touches her.
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She sounds like a dream. Can't wait to see pics with the new camera!
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We took Kharma to my Fiance's work, fortunately his co-worker had a camera and sent us some pics! Sorry i've been absent, we are in the middle of buying our first house and it's taking up much of our time.

Kharma at four months:

Le Sigh. The ears aren't quite as big as they look, but that's one of my priorities is breeding her with a small eared stud.

I'm very pleased with how she is turning out, she learned to walk on the leash in just two sessions, we take her with us everywhere now(with a packet of that wonderful invention of anti-bacterial handwipes...LOVE those things!)
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Oh she's getting even more beautiful, and she's grown also
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Love the spotted.
Lovely & beautifull bengal.


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absoultely beautiful
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awesome clear coat! what a beauty. About her ears-no worries, there's no perfect bengal.
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Wow she's gorgeous, what a cute and yet hilarious name!
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Very nice furbaby. Love the little guy. I had recently been asking about those kind of cats.
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She is absolutely Gorgeous and is very lucky to have you as her mom!! Congratulations!!
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but i cant see pics for some reason unless its on a site isnt that strange?
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