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dog food

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My mom is applying to adopt a dog (beagle/terrier mix). She fed her last dog Beneful. I was just wondering what a good dog food that one could buy at PetSmart or Petco might be. Is PetSmart's Authority brand any good? It isn't nearly as expensive as some of the other foods out there and their cat food doesn't look half bad. I feed my cats Natural Choice, because I know it's pretty good for cats, is it the same for dogs?
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My Dad has fed his dog Natural Balance since he was a puppy (he is 4 yrs old now). He alternates between the ultra premium and potato & duck formula with canned ultra premium every other day. So far, no major health or digestive problems. It may be just me, but I don't think his poop stinks.
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I feed my yorkie Gigi , a mix of natural choice senior ( she is 7.5) and natural balence venison and br rice ... she is picky...lol.. The brands I like are natural choice, natural balence ( though ? ing a few of the ingrediants in some) and royal canins sensible choice... none have by products , corn , chemical presevatives... Most are simple recipes one meat one grain .... hth
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From Petco or Petsmart I'd try Natural Balance or Nutro.
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I feed Purina Pro plan..to my dogs and cats, and I get quite afew compliments on my Basset Hounds coat and her weight
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I had a terrier/beagle mix that was very picky and we fed him Proplan dry food until he lost to many of his teeth to be able to chew the dry. At that point the only thing he would eat was Sheba wet food. I had him from the day he was born and he lived 14 years. He was really healthy until about 6 months before he died. Even then most of his problems were age related.
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I'd also recommend Natural Choice or Natural Balance. My mom's dogs do very well on the former.
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