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Name Origins

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I'm curious - how did everyone pick their cats' names? I've seen from very unusual and lovely names so far!

For my cats, Birmans are named with the first letter according to the year they're born. Last year was B, hence Billy the Kid, who was named by his breeder, and since he's used to it, I don't have the heart to change it on him. This year is C, and so Chaynal is named after one of my favorite characters in Melanie Rawn's fantasy series Dragon Prince and Dragon Star. That Chay was a brave warrior but loving friend and father, and since my Chay is a bold but sweet little kitten, I thought it fit. Can't wait to hear yours!
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Calamity Jane (CJ) got her name because she was ALWAYS such a bully to her littermates! Calamity Jane is a western female bully, so it just kind of fit.

Wild Bill (Billy) got his name because we wanted to keep with the western theme, and because he's...well.... WILD!

Elle got her name because I thought she was a boy when she was first born. I named "her" Al for ALBINO. It was cute, until I found out he was a she, and Al just isn't a girl's name, so I thought of the Elle since it's so much like Al.

Mirah got her name because at first I was just calling her Porky... but that, of course, wouldn't work. We were thinking of names, and I thought of how she is so chubby, and such an attention hog, just like the cartoon character, Elmirah. So... her name is Mirah. Elmirah when she's in trouble.

It's kinda funny, too.... Elle & Mirah... Elmirah. LOL!
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Nacho, he was named by my brothers gilfriend, don't know why she named him that but it suits him.

Orion, my brother anmed him, after the constellation.

PopTart, my sister named him that.. well.. bcase she had wanted to name something poptart as long as i can remember

Gordito, I named him that.. it suits him well as it means Short fat man in Spanish, and thats what he is, short and fat
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Elmo was named because he is a red cat!

Benja was named because when he originally joined us his name was Bear and we didn't want to change it too much.

Holly was named after the singer Holly Valance.

Sophie(Holly's sister) was named after the singer Sophie Ellis Bexter.

Muffin was named because I always wanted a kitten called Muffin and she was white and fluffy so it just seemed to fit.

Bridget was named after the movie Bridget Jones Diary, plus since she is Sophie's sister I wanted to follow the trend of naming them 'people' names.

Lonestar was named because he is an only kitten.

Dance was named because her mothers show name(Holly) is 'Sing a Rainbow' so Dance just fitted.

Wicket was named by Kelly!

Bubbles got her name because she just looked like a Bubbles.

Alf got his name because he looks like that shaggy monster Alf

I still have one kitten to name!
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Snickers cuz he had all the colorings of a Snickers candy bar.

Dusty cuz she looks like a walking dust mop!

Miss Jessie... I like the name. There's a song or two out there, one especially about living in a trailer by the sea ~ you the cat & me ~

K.C. stands for Kitty Cat. She was 3 pounds fully grown; undernourished of course. Now she weighs a whopping 6 pounds... petite lil thang!

Zorro cuz he has black mask-like markings on his face... and The Mask of Zorro was a very popular movie in the Summer of '98 when he was born.

Hammie is short for Hamtaro, the orange-n-white adventurous, curious hamster on Cartoon Network!
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Well we thought Cody (a boy's name) was supposed to be a boy!

But when I brought my little 5 week old kitten to the vet, he looked at me and said, you don't have a little boy here, you have a little girl!

Thus, the origin of the Cody girl!
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Bijou - because I thought his beautiful eyes were like jewels.
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Katie - thought it was a cute name for my first "little girl."
Gracie - read a definition of the word grace somewhere as "the gift of God's love for us." Gracie came along a few months after I lost Willy (named for Pres. William Howard Taft - a famous Cincinnatian) and she has always been such a gift.
Peter- named for my first grade school crush and inspired by a visit to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome last summer.
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bump I'm enjoying reading these!
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Casey was named after "Casey Jones" a Grateful Dead song. My favorite band. Although we rarely call him that. lol For some reason he's been dubbed "Little Man". hehe

Lucy & Ethel were obviously named after the characters on I Love Lucy.

I had originally wanted to name Lucy -- Lucille after B.B. King's guitar. But we also wanted to name them something together. We had thought of Lavern & Shirley, Thelma & Louise but Lucy & Ethel were the winners. We are both big fans of the show.
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My cat Ivo's name was chosen in a roundabout way. She was a stray living outside my apartment building, and my former neighbor (her "uncle") was involved in her rescue. At first, I thought Ivo was a he and was looking at Irish names meaning "strong" and "black" (Ivo's a tuxedo). However, my neighbor had an art poster with the name "Ivo" on it, and he suggested it as her name. As fate may have it, the Catholic church has a Saint Ivo, who is the patron saint of orphaned and abandoned children. As Ivo was a kitten when I took her in, I think it is a very appropriate name.
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