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Say hello to Grayson.

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Grayson is the little gray kitten I posted about in the strays and ferals section last week. Kathy and I found him laying in the middle of a busy a street. We originally thought he was dead, but as we drove by, saw him raise his little head. We pulled over and as I approached him, he started to run. I finally caught him under some large bushes.

He had a badly torn bottom lip and has had two minor surgeries. He seems to be healing nicely at this point. The vet estimated he was 6 weeks old when found. Kathy and I had planned to stop at ten, but it looks like we have number 11

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Hello Grayson! Such a wondeful thing to take this little guy in. He's adorable *sends tons of good healing vibes for that bottom lip* Those eyes are amazingly cute.
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Grayson is beautiful. Congratulations!
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What an amazingly cute little fluff ball! How lucky he is that you took him in!
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Hallo Grayson! What a cute kitten and so lucky you found him!
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Goodness, what a precious little kitten!
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what a cutie! No wonder you couldn't say no!
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Oh he's so precious Thank God you found him when you did.
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Oh yes, I remember Grayson's story very well! It's wonderful that he's doing so well! He is a stunningly beautiful little guy!
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Oh.. wow.. I people like you!!!

You are such a wonderful person.
Grayson is a cute name too. Fits him well
He is a beautiful dark grey kitty that I know will fill your s with love!!!
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Grayson is soo soo adorable. ahhh. i almost cant handle the cuteness. i think he and my kiki should be best friends.

anyways, i wish you luck with grayson!!
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oh my gosh! Bless his heart!!! He's so lucky to be alive!!! And lucky again that you and your wife found him!!!

What a gorgeous little guy he is!!! I'm so happy that there was a happy ending!!!

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I forgot to mention that i can't wait to see more pictures of the little angel!
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Grayson is such a sweetie!! and so very fortunate that you happened along when you did! Of course, you couln't say no to that little face!
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Aw he is so handsome!!! I wouldnt be able to say no either.
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