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skin irritation

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I have a 7year old 19 pound tuxedo cat, he has been on a diet of puriena special care urinary track food for 4 months. I've noticed the past month he has a spot on his tummy that he has removed the fur its about 2 inches wide, the fur looks as if it was shaved its not bald but fuzzy, with in this fuzzy area he has chewed 2 areas raw. I just noticed it starting to look bad.
I was wondering if anyone knows if this is related to his food, and a lack of something for his skin.
Or if anyone thought this was due to stress, I'm 9 weeks pregnant and he is very possive of me now (he is always close to me within 6 feet of me any time of day and almost always sleeps next to me). he got the same way in my first pregnancy but didn't show any signs of stress.

he has always been overweight thruout his life due to the state he was in when he was a kitten (very malnurished when we found him) and then at 4 he was attacked by a dog. and since 2000 he has had a few bouts with Urinary track infections and crystals so we have to keep him on urinary track food wich we have found none that helps with loosing weight.

I'll be taking him to the vet next week just thought i'd ask around here to get an idea of what it might be.
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could be diet but my dog did the exact same thing when I left her with relatives ... she was so stressed she ate the hair off her tummy..

What was the baby eating before ??? and baby is a senior ..
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he was eating a mix of the cheaper brands, nothing specific. its hard to accept that he is a senior, LOL , he doesn't look like it and doesn't act like it. ( but than again my step mother has 2 cats morris and lester (brothers) whom were the babies of a stray she found in Okanawa, Japan. They are now almost 12 years old but the only sign is one of them has black long hair and its starting to turn grey under his belly (the other is long hair orange) besides that they still look and act like they are 4-5 years old. ) I'll be taking him in after the first to the vet to see what they reccomend for his skin. In the mean time i was thinking of giving him a bath and brushing him alot.
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Please only bathe once.. as to not strip his coat..
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yeah, i planned on only giving him a bath once, the last time i gave him a bath was about 7-8 months ago
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My boyfriend's cat is about 16-17 pounds, also had a urinary blockage and is on special food (One of the Science Diet foods, C/D I think) and also has missing hair on his stomach. It looks like someone mowed his fur down there. I never thought about a connection to the food and just assumed it had to do with his weight. I wonder if there have been any studies about the food and hair loss?
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allergies often manifest in strange ways.. some kids eat/ pull there are cause it iches regardless if a food allegy or a grass allergy
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Sorry i was gone for the weekend. We thought that maybe Nyda's food was missing and oil or somthing in it for the skin. I'll find out soon hopefully.
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OK we went to the vet. The vet said that the underlying problem is most likely allergies , but as they were brushing him for a total of about 5 minutes they found 1 flea on him. They said that he must be allergic to fleas and having even only 1 flea can feel to him like having thousands of fleas.. Thats why he is chewing at his stomach and has the scabs on his back. So they gave him a shot to keep the irritation down and they gave me an advantage flea control tube to put on him and some tresaderm to put on the open wet wounds. and in addition to that they told me that one of the Hills science diet weight controling foods may help him because it won't raise the PH so it shouldn't give him any urinary problems.

So i'm probably going to get a bag of that and mix it , for now, with our purina special care urniary, to take a stab at our weight problem again.
and i'm going to treat our other cat and ferrets for fleas, so we can stop any future problem now! I'm happy we finaly found out the problem, now we just have to take care of it!!!!
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