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List your friends-Again!

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I just wanted to bring this up again because I've made more friends then before. I love it here! (Its okay if you don't list everyone, there is just too many wonderful people here!)

List your friends on TCS and their wonderful traits.

Kittylover4ever(Susie)-She's sympathic, friendly, and she always makes me laugh.

Rosiemac(Susan)-She's funny, loving, and an awesome person!

DawnofSierra(Stephiane)- She's so sweet, and caring. Her posts are always comforting, and heartfelt.

WellingtonCats(Sam)- She's so awesome! She's wise beyond her years. Even though she's only a bit older then me, it never feels like it. Her love of cats is sensational, and she's a postaholic.

CJandBilly(Cassie)- Her care for her babies is beautiful. She's easy to relate to, and I always enjoy her posts.

Ash_bct- She's an amazing friend. She's always there for me. I always look forward toward seeing her posts. She's very warm, and kind toward everyone.

I don't really have time to list everyone right now, and I will later on, but I wanted to mention..

Babygirl(Tina), Beth, Stormy, and Cheryl.
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Awww, thanks Jenny! I'm honored to be mentioned in your post!

There are just so many great folks here!
I don't know how I would have made it through the last couple of weeks without everyone's wonderful support!

I wish I could list everyone, but I'll limit myself and hope everyone forgives me that I might leave out!
Jenny Sam Captiva (Chris) Rosiemac (Susan) Kittylover4ever(Susie) Sandra

Stepanie is such a sweet and caring person, one couldn't ask for a better friend!

Who can resist Ryan and he weird sense of humor!

Rigel, my rock and roll friend!

To everyone else....
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Well thanks Jenny and Diane...........you guys are definitly on my list too.

My list goes a long ways, and I hate doing this because I don't want to offend anyone by not listing them, but I have to say of course my best pal on here is my pal across the ocean, Susan/Rosiemac. Then, let's see, there's Chris/Captiva, Talon/tracey, Stephanie/Dawnofsierra, Cindy/Kittenkrazy, Sandra, Frannie/Rapunzel, Rigel/Coolcat, Sar/Sarah, Sarah/Cyclesash, oh heck, the list goes on....TCS is definitely brought me lots of joy and happiness.
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Aww Diane and Jenny!

I have just got so many friends on here now, I know I would forget someone. I love you all!
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What can I say.... thanks to Jenny Susie, & Diane!for you kindly words
And so many many people here
Not, definetyle I´ll not make a list, I´ll no be fair with all great people that I found here on TCS!
I love you all guys and gals!
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Aw, thanks back to anyone that mentioned me.

To my friends...its the least I could do.

I know its hard to list, and if you feel uncomfortable, I understand.
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Awwwwwwwwwww how sweet are all of you!!!!

I just have to say that everyone here means a lot to me like my friends back here in the UK

You all have something special about yourselves in the threads that you do and the replies you give in other peoples threads, not to mention the pictures of your kitts

But Jenny your such a loving person with a heart of gold when you put threads like this on!
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Thanks so much, Susan. You mean so much to me. You all do.
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Jenny sweetie you know you are one of my best friends here

And all of my other awesome friends know who they are Love you!
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I Hope i have made a few friends on here especially after certain spotlight threads there are wayy too many on here to list and just incase i forgot someone i would feel really rotten.
Those people definetely know who they are
But i have one special friend who calls me and she knows who she is
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Ashley...my heart just melted.
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