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Anyone want to help me out?

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Hi there! I'm experimenting with Adobe Photoshop, and I'm wondering if anyone of my friends at TCS could help me out. I want you to donate some of your babies' pictures, because I'd love to use them!

If I get lucky, I might even be able to post my work here. So, could anyone post some pictures? I kinda need it soon, because its during class, and I only have one more class besides this before I graduate!

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You can use any of the pictures on Bowser's page -
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Thanks so much!
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You can use the pictures on the web pages shown below. Since they were taken with a camera phone the quality is not the best. I'm sure they'll look better after you photoshop them.
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here's my photobucket page you can use what you want and i update it almost everyday
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You can use pics from either of my links, too Jenny!!! Show us what you come up with!!!
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You're welcome to use anything on my website, although I don't have many "pretty" pictures up there yet since I only just got a decent camera. You might find something usable though. This reminds me. I really need to do a "cats" sub-category under pets. Maybe I'll get to that sometime in, oh, about 2008 or so !
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Do you have any specific requests? What types of views/colors, etc?
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Thanks everyone! I want to have it someday at home, so I will show you what I come up with later on, but I did make a little no-big-deal pictures of my babies, if you want to see...
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Here is my photobucket page you can use any you like...
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Here's my photobucket:

There are pictures of both Iris and Chloe posted.
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Have fun. there is an array of kitties and puppies and horses..
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Here is my post to Photobucket. Use what you want, if any!
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Can't you tell that we all just LOVE to brag on our babies. You can use the link to my site in my signature. - Kim
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Jenny you can use any of the pics I have posted! Just save them to your computer
You can have my siggy if you want too. Also you can use the pics in my links. Cant wait to see what you do with everyone's pics
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Jenny, if you need any more pictures - You can check out my 'Captivating Cat's thread.
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In case you're interested, HP has some online classes going on right now for Adobe photoshop. I've taken a lot of their online classes. They're really cool and you get a certificate of completion when you're done.

They also have Tune up your PC, Security Boot Camp, All about Firewalls, Photo Printing and more. You don't have to have an HP anything to take them (I don't believe).

This link is for the Digital Photography classes which has the Adobe series

This link is just the main Online classes page with the different categories.
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Wow! Really cool links Tammie, thanks for sharing. I'm going to check them out!
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Originally Posted by CousinLarry
You can use any of the pictures on Bowser's page -
I think Bowser is the coolest cat I have EVER seen in my WHOLE LIFE! What breed is he, do you know?
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Hurry Jenny Honey, the suspense is killing us!
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Sorry Susie.

I have a kinda bad one of my cats....

I still need to buy the program.

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Hey Jenny :P Welcome to my world. if you were aiming to cut away the background, I suspect you used a low opacity fill ad it overlapped itself. What you may want to use is the "magnetic lasso tool" to make selections of your kitties. it's not as easy as clicking selections, but it ends with a nice crisp product. Also Make sure to have "anti-alias" on

I hope this helps . I like to see a girl interested in graphic design. did you know that some women have an extra unmarked cone in their eye, so they can see colors more exactly than other people?
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Thank you.
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