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Real World

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Anyone watch The Real World on MTV? I really liked this season' one! Coral was a real ***** at the beginning, but then really changed. I was kind of sad that Tuesday was the last one
Can't wait for the one in January to begin..... looks interesting.
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Yeah, I watched the marathon re-cap though the week-end, and Coral really had a turnaround.
Nicole was still a bi**h though! :witch:
Rachel matured quite a bit too.
Felt sorry for Malik, that girl he liked really played him.
Kevin was okay from the beginning, and finished up okay.
Lorie was the "normal" one of the girls, and has quite a voice.
And then theres Mike...

I enjoyed the marathon....have you seen the new cast yet?
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I totally agree about Coral. What a change. She ended up being the big sis to everyone.

Where is next season's going to be?
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I heard that they had problems becasue initially people spraypainted the house with things like 'media whores' and 'desperate for attention'
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I was just in Chicago a few months ago. Should be a fun one!
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Oh you guys... my step-daughter Brooke, is totally addicted to this, and so every time she was here, she would watch it, and she got me addicted to it too!!!!!! I didn't get to see the last one, I hope they rerun it!!!!!!!!!!
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THey showed the cast & some previews at the end of this season's..... Looks like there are quite a few homosexuals on, again! You know it was really nice this time not to see any guys kissing guys or lesbians...... That gets to be really old & sick after a while. Sorry, but that is just my opinion. Looks like there is a slutty girl on, too.... Soooooo, looks pretty interesting!

Aside from the Real World, does anyone watch Dismissed? That's a pretty funny show ....... I remember watching one a few months ago.... it was with 2 girls and this guy. The one girl seemed really nice, while the other girl was a little whore if you ask me.... The nice girl seemed like she and the guy had a really good connection..... but at the end he ended up picking the blonde, and only because she had big boobs! I felt bad for the other one
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Tigger....I love dismissed!!!!!!! But this one time that I watched it, they had a gay guy, and two gay guys as his dates, and that was enough, I had to turn it off... :LOL:

I really enjoy that show, though, when I can watch it. I never know for sure when it is on!!!
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I actually watch Dismissed a lot. We have tvs in our offices & we're suppose to watch the music channels, so I usually have it on MTV. It comes on at 5:30 most days (not monday though) anyway I'm always still at work, and I always get sucked in.

It's like a car accident. It's really bad and I know I shouldn't look but I can't help it. If that is how the majority of the late teens/early 20's age group acts, we're all in trouble.
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