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Let's see your toilet kittys

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This morning I heard slurping, not the usual dog slurps, coming from my bathroom and this is what I found.

Hey mom, the dogs do it.

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Honest. Cross my heart. I didn't drink anything last night.

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Cable's the only one i've caught...

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Yup. If there's a legacy that Melichus left us, it was his teaching us to keep the toilet seats down ! The thing is they have to just about be an acrobat to get close enough to get a drink. Isn't it odd how water that's only an hour or two old is better than water that's been out 4 or 5 hours? At least the cats think so! I'm hoping that the Drinkwell we've gotten will curb some of that fascination with the toilet that kitties seem to have.
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If I ever decide to hook my monitor back to my computer I'll be able to post pics of my kitties. Noodles has taken 2 'baths' in the toilet and I do have a few pictures of Pumpkin staring into the toilet. He's FASCINATED with moving water. I mean if my parents had one of thoes water dishes that circulates water he'd never leave!
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Oh Cable! Finnegan isnt going to want kisses if you're going to be drinking out of the potty!!! lol
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OMG, such a cutie pie! Sash never tried that one!
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Great photos!
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Haha, this thread is so funny! The pics are so cute.
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wonderful furry pics!! LOL!!!
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BOTH of mine drink from the toilet. Lex, my younger cat, actually taught my older cat, Mik, how to do it.
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Hah! Love the pics...

I put signs on all three of my toilets because of Hammie... he will be totally face-first into the thing if the lid is left up for even a minute. It's like he has "toilet-water radar" or something.

So I put the signs by the flusher handle to keep him outta the john.
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Originally Posted by RoyalEnchntrss
Oh Cable! Finnegan isnt going to want kisses if you're going to be drinking out of the potty!!! lol
well, she isn't actually drinking from it - just looking in it... they haven't been interested in drinking from it since i got them the fountain. also, the bathroom door is usually closed unless i'm in there.
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lol ohhh well ok then!
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Here are couple from when Cindy and Fawn were still pretty little.

It was joint play time then...

...though it was Fawn who was most enthusiastic...

I don't have current pics, but she still makes a bee-line for the john when she realizes there's a human there...Gotta check that water, folks!!!
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I have even caught Garfield drinking out of it after 5 y/o ds urinates and doesn't flush! It is too gross!

Festus just looks. But we try to keep it closed. First, because it is gross for Garfield, even if it has been flushed! Second, because the litter off their paws leaves tracks in the wet spots they leave behind. Makes it look like to potty has been out rolling in the mud!
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All I can say is I sure hope Dunkin doesn't try it He weighs about 14.5 lbs and most of that is on the bottom half, he probably wouldn't be able to get out after his butt pushed him down in there Although I have seen him LQQKING in there, he also likes to hang on the side the bath tub when I'm in there, I bet he'd tear me up if he fell in
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