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Are African Servals good pets??

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When I first saw a picture of an African Serval cat I fell in love.They are so beautiful and muscular.Are they good as pets? Someone in my neighborhood is selling Servals and they say that they are very good pets.I don't know much about them except that they get to be 25-35lbs and stand 18 inches at the shoulder.They are so cute!Do you have any advice about these cats?
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What generation are the Servals? They are extremely expensive going from $2500+.
Here is a link about them: http://www.savannahcat.com/africanserval.htm Savannahs look similar to them as well. The Serval is bred to a bengal = a savannah

They are beautiful cats, and we thought sometime down the road about getting one, but I don't think it's fair to keep such a big cat cooped up in a house. They still need their room. I think Sandie knows of someone who rescues them. Plus, it isn't a cat that should be an outdoor cat, either.666555
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Servals can weight up to 44 lbs. and really need to be raised from very little on to be good pets.
Some breederes even suggest that you declaw all 4 paws at age 6 months. Also I remember someone saying that they need special food since their tummies are not like those of domesticated cats.
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The Africian Serval is a very beautiful cat, but I agree with Tigger that it doesn't seem fair to keep one of these cats cooped up in a house.

In general, sometimes people buy an exotic animal like this because they think it would make a good pet. When the animal is still small and cute, everything goes well, when the animal becomes an adult, with adult behavior, people realize they made a mistake. The animal is either mistreated or ends up in a zoo. You need to take a lot of different things into consideration before you make a decision about getting one of these.
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Also, like savannahs, some states required that you have a permit to own one.....
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Hissy is the one who knows someone in rescue. IMO the large cats should not be kept as pets. They end up having more harm done than good. Weather it be the declawing or them getting out and being shot because someone thinks it's wild.
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After reading more about these animals I started to have second thoughts on getting one in the future.I understand thet they get very big and they need a special diet like Iams or Science Diet.Another thing is they are a little too rambunctious for small children and I might be a mommy some day!

Thanks for all your advice
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My friend rescues Servals, and they are quite the force to be reckoned with. She has outside pens and enclosures for them, the adults will typically eat 6 raw chickens a day and totally annilihate them. They tear through seat cushions as if they are butter, and Lynn is hard-pressed to keep them entertained. She rescues anywhere from 1-6 a month because most people are misguided and think these beautiful cats make good "pets" Lynn refuses to declaw even the largest of adults, and has paid a price by being mauled by Liberty who she has had since a kitten. She just turned her back at the wrong time, and Lib jumped on her shoulder and took her down, and Lynn knows what she is doing too.

I hope you have made up your mind not to get one as a pet. They require a lot of room, a lot of outdoors and special handling. Most states you need a permit to have one.
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