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Care after getting spayed

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Splat is getting spayed tomorrow and I want to know if there is anything I can do or expect to do.
My first cat, so I don't know what to do!
Her favorite spot is upstairs and I am afraid that climbing stairs will hurt her.
Any thoughts?
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I just had my kitty spayed today and they said no jumping or climbing for a few days, I think 10.
I am having a hard time with her pain, they didn't give her anything, and she looks and sounds so miserable
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When I've had my cats spayed (I've been witness to 4 neutering/spaying operations!) They are very very groggy when you bring them home. I would watch and make sure that she doesn't do anything to put herself in danger; once, the night one of my boys got home, he sort of fell asleep in his water dish *grin* Although some cats feel the pain more then others, all of mine handled it very well. They were up and romping by the next day. To make a long story short, just don't let her over-exert herself for awhile and I think she'll be fine.
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not to much exersise. And keep her as comfy as you want. I just brought one home today. They gave us meds to give her for pain.

I have placed her in her favourite spot. Perhaps you can do that? to keep her comfy?
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You can contain her to a small safe room that doesnt have anything to fall off.. like a bathroom - make sure its not too cold though, and has warm familiar blankets, food and water(after she is feeling better from the anesthesia, go by what your vet says)and litter tray etc...
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