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Tripod's Birthday!

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It's my kitty's birthday today!!! Tripod is 3 years old. We're having a party with a special cake for the kitties. Its 2 layers of pate type catfood (Fancy Feast on top because its smaller) and embellished with kitty treats, sardines, catnip leaves and shrimp! I'll send a slice home with my dad for his cat. My dad and our 2 neighbors are coming. We'll probably play remote control cars because Tri loves to watch Oliver chase them. All morning before I left for work I was telling him Happy Birthday. He looked at me like I had 6 heads, but when he gets his "shirmp cake" he'll understand!

BTW, tomorrow Waffle (Katpixiedust's cat) will be 3!
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Hope he enjoys the cake- sounds like a PURRRFECT kitty cake. You're such a good meowmy, Renee!
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Wow Renee that cake sounds like a real treat made in kitty heaven!!!

I said it before but I'll say it again...

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Aw happy birthday to Tripod! Today's my Baylee's birthday too... what a great day it must be!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Aw happy birthday to Tripod! Today's my Baylee's birthday too... what a great day it must be!
That's INCREDIBLE!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

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Happy Birthday, Tripod! Enjoy your yummy birthday treat!
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Happy 3rd Birthday sweetie!!!
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Happy Birthday Tripod!
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happy birthday Tripod. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.
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Tri had a really nice birthday. Everyone who was invited came (2 neighbors and my dad). 5 people altogether counting my BF and me. One of the neighbors brought presents and a Garfield card. He and Oliver loved the cake - especially the topping (shrimp). I sent a slice home with my dad for his cat, Scootch. All the presents were wrapped in tissue, which is still all over the house (with the new toys, of course) because they love to play with it.

His favorite gift was the Cat Dancer (that I heard about on this website). He and Oliver played with it for awhile and then Oliver decided to just watch. Tripod played with it so long, he fell asleep underneath it. We never bothered taking out the remote control cars because they were having so much fun with all the new cat toys.

I had fun too.
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Thank you ALL for all the birthday wishes!
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Happy Belated birthday Tripod! What a lovely birthday party he had, and that "cake" would make Ophelia green with envy.
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Sounds like Tripod has a wonderful birthday celebration! Glad to hear your little boy enjoyed himself so much! And that cake, what cat WOULDN'T go nuts for that?!
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Sorry I missed your birthday Tripod
Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I hope your birthday was wonderful!!
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Awwww i missed this

Happy belated birthday Tripod sweetie I hope you enjoyed your day

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Happy birthday Tripod! What a fun idea - a kitty birthday cake. He's a lucky little guy.
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