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Kitten Food Recommendations

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Hi Everyone!

I was wondering what specific brand of kitten food you recommend? Our kittens have been eating the Science Diet Kitten food. They have had really fragrant poops, and at times it is loose. We had stool samples checked and the kittens have a clean bill of health, so we think the above issue has something to do with the brand of food. Perhaps it is too powerful for their digestive systems? We want to gradually change their food and were wondering if you may have any suggestions.

Thank you!
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Iams and Eukanuba are both good!! A little pricey but worth it!! Give them a try, the stinky poops are usually related to the food so hopefully it will help if you change it!! All the best!
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I feed the bengals Eukanuba, and Fluffy & Cinnamon Iams. They seem happy with it.
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The only thing our kitten eats is Purina Kitten Chow. We have tried Iams, Purina Pro Plan, and Nutro. He won't touch them. I even tried the recommended way to introduce him to it by Iams, 25% to 75% mix of new to old, and he would leave the Iams in the bottom of the bowl.
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When Gizmo was about 9 weeks or so, we bought the Eukanuba & he went completely nuts over it! I put my hand in the bag, and he sniffed my hand & then latched on & wouldn't let go! It was the chicken smell that did it in!
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Are you feeding wet or dry? I wouls try Iams, Eukenuba or wellness.
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my kitten eats innova dry and wellness canned and is doing great on them. my three adults also eat these brands. both brands are for all life stages. they poop alot less and there isnt much odor. i would highly recommend both of these brands and while they are expensive(probably close in price with science diet or a little more) they last for a much,much longer time than grocery store brands and cost less in the long run. some other really good brands are california natural, solid gold,felidae,natural balance and premium edge.good luck.
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My kittens and my adult cat love the Eukanuba. I also buy Nutro and mix the two of them together. I use the dry, leave it out all the time. The youngest has very smelly poop, but it has gotten much better since she has been eating the Eukanuba.

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I feed my 5 cats Whiskas Original Recipe most of the time. They like the grocery store brand the best though!
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We feed both cats Iams. We have tried other types and found that Science Diet and Iams worked best in terms of less fecal matter. As for odors, one cat's poop is smellier than the other's no matter what we feed him (We checked - it's not a medical problem). So, I guess different cats react a little differently to the same type of food.

If smell is a problem, you may want to invest in an automatic litter box, that will remain clean and save you the smelly cleaning job
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I feed Rascal a mixture of Whiskas, Eukanuba, and Iams dry food and he loves it. He eats alot. I also feed him a teaspoon of canned Whiskas a day. His poops aren't too smelly. Get litter that helps with the smell. I use the Scoops Away or the brand with the orange cat scratching at the litter. I know the name but can't think of it now. I think its called Tidy Cat. Anyway, both of these litters are good with odor. I also put a PlugitIn air refreshner above the litterbox and it helps.
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