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Very Creepy Alien-like Clicking/Meowing sound

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Has anyone heard this really weird sound from their cat? With 2 of mine, when they're sitting by the window watching outside - whether or not there are birds around - usually I'll hear this really weird clicking/meowing/purring sound coming out of their mouth, and I can see they open their mouth wide to do it, but it's not like they're hissing and showing their teeth.
Any clue what this is?!?!
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bonnie used to do something simular when she was outside and spotted a bird but her mouth would quiver at the same time, it was like a shaky purr, kind of, not sure why they do it though...

i think they do this in excitement when they see something they want to catch..

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YES! their mouths do quiver a bit too!!! It's so odd, I've never seen or even heard of this before!
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bonnie still does it now if she see's a bird through our glass door and pandy has started too, it almost sounds crackly, if that makes sense, i haven't heard of it before either

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I call it "chattering". Ours did it when they spotted birds.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
I call it "chattering". Ours did it when they spotted birds.

My kitty does it too. She kind of twitters a bit, like she's calling the birds over.
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Riley chatters, too. Esp. when he sees me getting his Da Bird out of the closet. I have yet to see Amad do it, though...
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LOL but does anyone know WHY they do it or WHAT the significance is? I'm really curious to find out.
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My cats chatter at the birds outside. They chatter with flies inside my kitties are crazy.

Sorry, not sure the significance though, just know they do it when excited about birdies and other flying things.
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Okay, i may have found the answer, i checked on google and this is what i found out -

Feline Teeth-chattering

Have you ever observed your cat staring at a bird through the window, then hearing a strange stuttering sound as its jaws judder in a frustrated chatter? This bazaar behaviour is an exaggerated version of its killing-bite, and in the cat's mind it has the bird already in its jaws.

After a cats initial pounce the prey is held fast by the very strong front claws, the cat quickly bites the nape of the neck with its long canine teeth. Using a rapid juddering movement of the jaws, it slips them between the vertebrae to sever the spinal cord, thus incapacitating the prey...The killing-bite!

Studies have shown that it is this unusual jaw movement that brings about almost instantaneous death, as it is vital for the cat to reduce any risk of injury to itself . So unable to control itself at the site of a tasty bird outside, the cat will sometimes involuntarily enact this special jaw movement.

here is the link -

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My cat Foxi does it too, and it is when she is hunting the birds,squirrels, chipmunks and anything else she sees from the window sills inside the house of course. I swear if she ever got outside There were not be a bird, squirrell, chipmunk to be found in my yard. She is too funny she goes from the picture window to the deck door window to the windows downstairs in my house and sneaks up and pounces at the birds through the window. I have lots of bird feeders in my yard and 2 on my front window, so this activity keeps her very busy.
I too would say that "chattering" is a sort of expression of excitement for cats.
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Heres another one, sort of the same

Most cats make that quite distinctive teeth chattering sort of noise that seems reserved specifically for when they see birds or squirrels, whether outside or on television. Actually, that noise may be more of an instinct than we realize. Many feline behavior specialists have noted the similarity of that noise to the special neck bite that cats use in the wild designed to kill a bird or small rodent quickly and efficiently, before they have a chance to struggle. Young kittens and cubs in the wild have the opportunity to practice this special bite; house cats may just be showing their excitement at seeing potential prey, or possibly their frustration (with the excitement, too) in seeing potential prey that they cannot get to. Many times, you may notice that your cat's tail is getting puffy, or is twitching in a special way that accompanies his special chattering noises.

and the link, has info about cats playing just before bed time too -

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Most people realize that when their cat kneads your stomach with his paws, he is showing his love for you. Usually, the cat will have a very special, loving expression on his face; he may be purring, and he may even be drooling slightly. Your cat is back in touch with his instincts as a kitten when he does this, and feeling the same sense of comfort and warmth that he did as a kitten when he was with his mother. Young kittens knead their mother's nipples to stimulate the "let down" reflex in her so that her milk flows for the kittens to suckle. If his kneading behavior is uncomfortable for you, be sure to keep your cat's nails clipped short, and maybe keep an extra towel around to pad the area he is kneading!

eek, pandy does this, especially this part - Usually, the cat will have a very special, loving expression on his face; he may be purring, and he may even be drooling slightly, usually she drools more than slightly though

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That is very interesting to learn, now I know what it means. Cats are magnificnet animals!!!! Thank-you for the info, i enjoy learning new things about the most wonderful companions in the world(CATS of course!!!)
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Isabelle makes that funny noise- only when she sees birds. I thought it was cute, although weird. It's interesting to know why she does it. She also needs and suckles on arms, legs, etc.
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Ok well what about cj making the chattering noise at the red dot a laser pointer makes on the floor. He does it very loud (as loud as his meows) and almost constantly while playing laser pointer. I know he cant kill it, so he must just really like it. yes, cats are amazing creatures, expressive, smart, beautiful, and just overall perfect. I cant think of one thing I would change about cats if I could.
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