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Registared Cattery names/ meaningful???

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When I first started looking for cat information, I assumed that a web page, with a cattery name, meant that the owner had some experience breeding cats or was experienced with quite a few cats of a particular breed. I've since discovered it can mean no breeding experience whatsoever.
There was a real nice web page, with a CFA Cattery of Excellance, Cattery name etc.& calling themselves a breeder on the web page. By writing to the owner, I discovered that the owners only had 3 cats total. 2 of those were alters, one was a female that wasn't old enough to have a litter yet. At that point I pulled up the CFA website to see the rules on registared cattery names. Sure enough, to get a cattery name, all you needed to do was own 3 CFA reg. cats. You did not need any experience in the breed, to registar a name.
Is this typical of registared cat owners? Do any of the other registries require some kind of experience with a cat breed, prior to obtaining a cattery name? In some cases, it almost looks like false advertizing, or at the vary least it makes a first time cat breeder appear to have credentials, especially if they also got a CFA Cattery of Excellance inspection.
With AKC reg. dogs you have to breed a particular breed for 10 years, before you are allowed to registar a kennel name. So if you see a AKC reg. Kennel name, you know the breeder has experience.
I really think a person should earn the right to use a cattery name. Why is it expected to get a cattery name immediately?
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The cat fancy is nothing like the dog fancy in many respects. In order to register your cattery, most associations don't require much. In order to be listed as a breeder with the association you must have registered at least one litter of that particular breed. In order to register a litter of kittens, you have to have a cattery name first. The cattery name really doesn't mean anything other than the fact that these cats came out of this persons breedings. When you show or sell cats, your cattery name is in front of the kittens name. When it's in a show catalog, people will know who bred the kitten and who owns it. There is no way to know where you are getting a cat or how someone takes care of thier cats unless you visit the cattery for yourself. There are a TON of crappy breeders out there who show all the time. It just goes to show that people need to do thier homework before they buy a cat or dog for that matter.
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Another point is that you mentioned cattery of excellence, which "usually means that the cattery has been vet inspected, and has to be re inspected every year in order to maintain the title. Although I dont know much about other associations, I know that ours required a very lengthy form to be filled out by the vet. When we applied, I thought it would be an inspection of our cattery... turns out that it took most afternoon as the vet not only inspected our cattery, but went throught the entire house, room by room. Im fairly certain that most other associations are the same.
Like Sandie said, ther are alot of crappy breeders out there, who have a name and set up shop.. alot of good ones will list the queens they have as well as sires (if any), they will also be willing to talk to you about any questions you might have, if they dont, its a fair bet that they probably don't know much themselves. They will also be more than happy to have you visit, with notice of course. Im sure if you look at enough cattery web sited, them you'll get what I mean, just by comparing them...

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Hello Group,

I just found this forum and thought I would introduce myself. I am a breeder of siamese and orientals. I have had registered cattery for the past 10 years with CFA. I call my cattery, Kat Attack. I have always been a cat lover, owned by many since early childhhod. I was always know as the "cat girl", later "cat lady" because of my passion for the felines. Years ago I started researching and learning about breeding and showing. It took me well over 2 years to make that committment before I purchased my first two females.

I read with interest an earlier post about registered catteries and one lady only having three cats and a litter soon to be born. Most people start in the fancy by showing in preimership (alters) and learning about the breed, showing and breeding. Once educated the decision to start a cattery and breeding should be one well thought out. This is a lifelong committment that can be costly and at times, heartbreaking. You don't wake up one morning and throw you cats out the window because you no longer want to breed. You are responsible for each and every kitten born. I started with only two girls and before I added more cats to my breeding program, I wanted to make sure I could make this total committment. It was two years later before I added another cat. Yes, I had a cattery name, only two girls and no kittens. Please don't think the breeder mentioned above was doing false advertising or unreputable. You have to start somewhere. There is no book to teach you everything and as much knowledge as you try gather before you begin your breeding program, you learn something new everyday. I would much rather see a breeder start out on a small scale rather than buy a dozen cats, breed like crazy and not have any idea of what they are doing. When one does not educate first, everyone suffers from cats to breeder to pet owners. Even after 10 years, I am still a small breeder owning 4 queens and 3 studs. For me and my life, those numbers work out the best for the cats and myself.

I look forward to reading future posts in this formun and meeting fellow cat lovers.

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and might I add..

Very well said!

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Thanks Ken. I look forward to future post which I am sure I can gain knowledge and insight. I am very passionate about cats, some think to an extreme <g> so I could talk about them all day!
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Linda, glad you stumbled onto the site. I am really glad you said what you did
Feel free to post pics of your babies, I am sure everyone would love to see them!!
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Welcome Linda and I have to agree with Ken -- very well said. I too am a breeder (now) and started showing with HHPs. I then proceeded to alters and then to my breeding cats. I breed and show abys and OSH (as my mom is an OSH and Meezer breeder for about 40 years now). I am also an allbreed judge. Please post pics as I'd love to see your "kids".

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Hi Sandie and Frannie,

Thank all of you (including Ken) for making me feel welcome and our kind words. I also belong to several lists regarding CFA and OSH but I love all cats. I even have 7 ferels (spayed/neutered, of course) that showed up here on the ranch. I have named them all so I guess they are mine.

I just had a litter of six oriental babies this morning so it's been a special day around here. Mom and babies are doing terrific. Plus I got what I wanted; a chestnut tabby! I have a web page which can be seen at:
I'm not sure how to send seperate photos using webtv. Webtv is very limited but there is probably a way.

Do you have photos posted somewhere? I'd love to see them. Fannie, what was your mother's cattery name? I've been researching pedigree's lately and I woud be interested to know if I've found some of her cats.

I just saw the video camera at the bottom of this post. I can send pics of the new babies after this w/e.
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I just reread your post. What association are you judging in? When I first started, that was my goal, to be a judge but things have changed. Now I just enjoy showing my cats and making new friends.

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Linda I e-mailed you privately. If you go to the bottom of the forums page, you will find the e-mail.

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I went into your website and you have some very beautiful cats there. I am especially fond of your orientals. Welcome to The Cat Site.
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Linda your cats are beautiful. I also enjoyed your tribute to Raven. They are very wondeful cats and I love playing with them, that is as long as I can give them back to their mom's..LOL. They are so full of energy I would never have the patience for it. Between Frannie and her mom, I get to cudddle them enough to get my fix
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Hi Donna,

Thanks! They are a handful though and I am well trained. I don't need to watch TV. I have a continueous circus act right here. They have a way of lifting your spirits in troubling times.
How many kitties are you owned by? Breed?
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Hi Sandie,

Thank you. Raven was that special boy for me. Losing him almost made me quit but I couldn't imagine life without all these critters. I now have another little ebony, Rewind who has taken special claim on me. It has helped fill the void.
I think you need to add a couple OSH to your home. It will keep those munchkins in line.<g>
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You know, I have often wondered why it is that I love all of my cats very much, but there is one in particuar that I have the strongest bond with. She is almost 3 and I still call her my baby girl.
Linda, I think the 3 month old Munchkin I have now is posessed by an Oriental. She has earned the name Mayhem. This is the only kitten I have had that will get into anything, moving or not. She insists that my head is her playground, napping is for loosers and fear is only a 4 letter word. I have only had her for a week and she is in quarantine, but I am trying to prepare myself when I unleash her on the rest of the house..LOL.
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