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Hi everyone

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hey everyone... it's been a while since I posted... A lot has been going on, as usual, nothing good... but i'm tryin to keep my head up... I left my fathers house in the beginning of the month and i've been living with Adrian and his family because they were kind enough to offer a place to stay... Malakai is living in NJ with my friend, Ryan's parents.... I miss him so much it's sick... my little furballz... My father caught up with me at Adrians house and took my car in the middle of the night so I've been stranded here with no way to get around for the last 2 weeks... My mom and my uncle are trying to come up with a way to get me a POS car to get around in... In the meantime I'm searching for a job which is tough because I dont have dress clothes to go on interviews with because my suit was in the trunk of my car... and I can't get into my father's house to get my stuff because he changed the locks on the house... To top it all off... I got into a fight with Nikki the week that I left my father's house and she 'broke up with me'... After 12 years of friendship she told me that she has no respect or sympathy for me and she doesnt care about my problems because I brought them on myself... all because I didnt go to her grandparents funeral the same day that I got kicked out of my house... The one time in 12 years that it was impossible for me to be there for her and she couldnt understand that... Adrian's been trying to tell me that she's just being selfish and I dont need friends like that at a time like this... What do you guys think? Am I wrong for not being at the funeral even tho I had my own stuff to deal with?
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Hi Liza!

I wondered where you had been! You've been missed!

I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time at the moment I don't know what to say about your friend? It seems that she may still be grieving for her grandparents and is unable to see your situation in a separate light. Don't judge her too hard, as she will be in pain as much as you are.

About your job hunting, couldn't you borrow some clothes or buy something from a charity shop or something? Maybe alter it and make it original! (It would also be something else to add to your CV and talk about in interviews!)

I hope things look up for you soon! Sending lots of happy and loving }}}VIBES{{{ to you!

And remember, you've always got a tonne of friends righ here!
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heya chick!
i was wondering where the heck youve gone!
that is really sad whats going on right now?
is there some sort of womens help over there? where you can stay there and they help you find a job, appartment, ect?

i dont know what to say about your friend but i missed out at being at my grandmas funeral because my bf took too long.. but i got over it?
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As far as a place to get help... New York has a variety of Public Assistance programs more commonly known as Welfare... well... at the moment I'm applying for Food Stamps so I can have some money to buy food for myself so I'm not a burden to the rest of the house because they are already living on a limited budget... I feel as tho ever piece of bread I take from the kitchen is taking food from one of the boys... Like I said, there's 6 of us... me, Adrian, his older brother Manny who's 43, and Manny's 3 kids, Jessica, 18, Jason, 16, and Joshua, 14. So it's tough enough for them without having me eating, too... Adrian keeps telling me that I'm family and that I'm just as entitled to eat as anyone else but I still feel bad... I'm trying hard not to rely on full Public Assistance benefits because Manny says that once you do that, they try to own you... it's like you have to account for every moment of your day and that stinks...

I spoke to my mother last night and she said that she's going to sell her car so we'll have money to buy the both of us cars... She's trying to go thru bankrupcy proceedings and they told her that she can't have a car that's worth more than $1000. Her car is valued at $4000... so, we're gonna sell it and get her a car for $1000 and I'll take the rest a buy myself something for $2000 and use the rest of the money to pay off a few bills.. Other than that, there isnt much else to do... My aunt is going to give me money for clothes at some point...

As far as Nikki is concerned... She was a lot more harsh than that... She made a point to be really mean and I think that a lot of it stems from jealousy... She's been jealous of my relationship with Adrian from the very beginning because I was spending more time with him than with her, which wasnt totally my fault because I tried to spend time with her and she always had an excuse as to why she couldnt or she was doing something else... and, she never understood the dynamics of my relationship with Adrian so she would constantly make rude comments about him which weren't warranted. The finally straw was when she started screaming at me and calling Adrian racial names when he never said a word to her... as much as I love her and miss her, I'm at a point in my life that I can't have a certain type of person around me if they are only going to hurt me... and right now, she's one of those people...

I'm just feeling very alone lately because I feel like everyone I ever trusted has let me down... but, I'm working on it...
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Firstly welcome back Liza

I'm very sorry to hear of what your going through right now .
As for what your friend did, your right, that is way out of order, especially shouting racial comment's to Adrian, and to fall out with you when she know's you are going through such a bad time??? I'd just let the dust settle and see what happens

Try and keep your chin up
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Welcome back hun. You're in my thoughts.
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I'm sorry things are so tough for you right now. Sending many good vibes your way. I'm sorry you are seperated from Malakai Hopefully you will be reunited soon!
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