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What are you giving your cat(s) for Christmas?

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Every year, we get a Christmas gift for our cats. Snowball is the only cat right now, and he seemed to be bored with all his old toys, I was trying to find something fun and interesting. This year, Snowball will be getting this pyramid toy. http://www.petsmart.com/cat/shopping...%5f10276.shtml

It has a motion sensor, when the cat gets near it the tendrils start moving around, it also has scratching noises coming from inside, and a catnip center. All Snowball's other toys are the regular traditional cat toys. He has never had anything like this before, and it will be interesting to see how he reacts to it!
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Except for those feather-on-a-stick things, the most successful cat toy I've ever gotten is a sort of circular tube with slots cut into it and a ball that rolls around inside. After a short demonstration, all the cats I've ever had have been fascinated by this. Go figure.

So I'm heartless, I don't usually get my kitties a Christmas present. But I give them so many toys and treats throughout the year that I'm sure they don't mind.
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I usually buy them the fur mousies or treats. Last Saturday, I bought them a stocking from Petsmart. It has a few toys in there .... It was just as a treat, not their present. I'll probably go buy them another one for Christmas.
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Well, I was going to give them new collars and ID tags...but I couldnt wait and they are already wearing the collars so I guess they'll get new tags! Of course they'll get treats, although we have plenty , and their furry mice need replacing as most have no tails left!

The one thing I really wanted to get for all 3 kids is a kitty video, ( the kind with birds, mice, etc) but can't find one...any ideas?
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At the very least, we'll be getting our two another carpeted scratching post/pylon for our basement family room. They seem to have taken to our old couch, so we need to offer an alternative. Also, after a brief discussion in the Care & Grooming forum about taking cats for a walk, we may try one of the "Cat Jackets" talked about on there.

Other than that, we, like others, treat them throughout the year. Its more for our son to believe that Santa brought our kitties something!

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I got my cats a Drinkwell water fountain, but I was so excited, I already gave it to them... So, for Christmas, I will probably go get them two "birds-on-sticks" (feathers), a few furry mice, and some of the balls Oliver plays with...

Last year I got Aramis and Padme beds and it was $60!! This year, I wanted to get them a tower, but my husband got laid off, so the $350 'palace' has to wait until next year
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There are some fabulous cat gifts on:
This is a great organisation with a great cause; and the money you spend on the gifts will go to help saving the animals! I love their calendar-- check that out! All monies go to helping the animals!!
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Snowball has one of those fountains too, and he really seems to like it!
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I'm making them a huge tree with stairs and hiding places...I'll have to post it when I'm done. We'll seeeeeeeeee! :LOL::LOL::LOL: Oh, and I'm sure I'll fill their stockings (spoiled rotten cats!) haha!

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It's Xmas for my kitties all year long! They are always getting "presents", but Firday nite, Hubby and I went to Petsmart and impulsively bought them a six foot kitty tree! Sparkle LOVES it, but Iris is still unsure of it. I'm sure she'll come around. So, I guess that would be considered their Xmas gift - It might even be considered Hubby's and my Xmas gift as much as it cost!!!
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Bought that Pyramid toy for my Loki at Petsmart a while ago. What a disapointment!!!!

It would go off on its own when no one was near and not do anything when it was supposed to sense you or kitty. That motion detector was really wacky. I returned it pronto - tooo much money and it did not deliver!!!

Thought you would like to know.
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so I don't know that I will do anything out of the ordinary for them. I think my dad is going to make me another cat tree, but that won't be done by X-mas though.

I may buy some extra furry mice and other toys and put them in a stocking. But it's more for me, than them since they are always getting stuff.
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Just a little pic.......This is Dani under the tree.... we had just put it up, and after the initial fright.....OY...she became very curious, and settled right at home under the tree :LOL:
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Oh Val that is too Cute!!!!! I just love seeing the cats curled up under the tree. My little kitty gifts!
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That picture of Dani is adorable!!
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Thanks Sabra and Lorie.....

She does not get anything special for X-mas....Her Highness gets all she wants the rest of hte year! :LOL:.... but we did put up special ornaments on the tree, one with her name, and another with her picture.
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*whisper* Sophie will be getting...hang on, let me make sure she's left the room (she was surfing the cat pages here with me a few minutes ago )...really practical stuff. She needs her very own kitty carrier 'cause I keep having to borrow my brother's and a bigger basket to put her blankie in for sleeping. Of course she'll be getting TOYS too, but she's "lost" every little glitter and scrunchy ball I've bought yet (there's a total of 5 outstanding toys around here somewhere :angel4: )

Okay all you seasoned toy experts, any advice?
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I got my cat's an electronic mouse. Whenever they touch it with their paw, It goes in a zig-zag motion and says
"Uh-Oh.Na Na Na Na Na Na.Heee Heeee Heeeee!" It's Really cute but my cat pepper is scared of it!
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