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cat presents

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I love my darling Cat, I really do, But This Is where I draw the Line...It wasn't so bad when she left dead moles on the door step, I could even handle her playing with the bird "on" the door step till she killed it, Then Last week it was a rabbit she killed in my bed room and lef the guts and brains and eyes for me... But this is just the last straw.... I was on line, The kids r watching Lazy town, when My Darling Cat (Notice the sarcasm in my voice ) walks under my chair and plops 3 feet away from where I'm sitting, and lets this thing drop from her mouth. OOOMMMGGG ITS A SNAKE... You have never seen some one hop in a rolling computer chair so fast. I screamed so loud, I scared my self. I hollered at the kids to stay on the sofa (of coarse they didnt they had to see what all the hullabaloo was about ) So here I am standing in this chair looking at the floor for any movement when my naughty cat strikes the darned thing and OMG it moves under the sock basket. (everyone has one of those right cause you hate mating socks) so I pick up the phone which thank god just happened to be next to me and called David at work. He doesnt tell me what I want to hear.(I wanted him to say Ill be right home, and Ive have waited patiently the thirty or so minutes it took for him to get here) He says its a harmless black snake and to let Billy (our 5 year old) take him to the yard. hes all for it... until he gets up close and sees it move... so I have to bravely climb out of my chair and sprint over to the fridge to get the dust pan, and sprint back so it doesnt move under my feet. only this little bugger doesnt want to go any where so I have to use my sandle to shew him on the darned thing... Im totally wiped out now, and did I mention Im scared of snakes? I think Ill faint, If I have to see it one more time... I know its just a harmless garden snake, but yall, I'm really scared of them. I thought I had it trapped really good, in a stock pot I keep out back, for hubby to take in the woods. well out I go to greet Blake off the buss and there he is staring me in the face... * You dumb human, you think a stupid pan is gonna keep me away mwhahaha* so I run inside, and just wait for Blake's bus. oh no Duchess spots him to and off she goes to grab it shes gonna bring him back inside. I hate to be cruel, but I slammed the door in her face... so she put it under the tree next to my steps.

I guess she just wanted to catch something not even 1 hour after the snake fiasco she brings in a lizard with his tail swinging, ya know, I just let her have it. if she wants them that bad Blake and billy are screaming I want the lizard, I want the lizard,(lizards I can handel) I dont know how to make her stop this Im at a loss!!! has any one ever had this happen? or know how to keep her from bringing me such nice pressies?

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Umm the only way I know is to keep kitty indoors ... so far my younger one onlly looks at "kritters" and still stalks the spot on the carpet
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the "last straw" for me would have been the rabbit brains O_O Im not afriad of snakes though so..... elliot used to catch moles in the last place we lived in, they lived in the insulation in the basement (near the top of the celing) he got baby by baby and ate them, and then one day he got a big adult one (the male I think) blah. The next spring he finally got the female (not in a happy way for me because I dont want them eating these things?) my mom's friend went down in the basement and suddenly she screamed " OMG HE"S EATING ITS HEAD! OMG!" O_O he had just eaten the head off of the mole and left the rest of the body down there? Gross eh :P I wouldnt reccommend you letting your children keep wild lizards either o_O for one who knows what diseases they might have, and for two, wild animals in the most part (smaller ones) will most liekly die if confined and kept as pets (rabbits in particular) o_O If your kids really wanted a lizard you could always buy a leopard gecko. They are about I dont know.. ten to 20 dollars? they can live in a ten gallon glass tank, WITH A LID AND PROBABLY SEVERAL HEAVY ROCKS ON IT because of your hunter cat. By brining you these presents she says that she loves you. Or she may think you are hungry and want to eat these? When my mom was pregnant with me, her cat rosco would always bring her any type of live object he could find (often mice) and so my mom would wake up with dead mice beside her head? *yeah sounds nice eh?* Hahaha! Cats are so funny.
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I found this quite amusing actually
I bet tomorrow I will check this post and the animals will keep getting bigger and bigger..
Tomorrow it will be a badger or raccoon and then maybe a deer the next day..

But seriously, yeah, the only thing you can do is keep her inside or how about a bell on the collar?
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the "last straw" for me would have been the rabbit brains
eek, me too! i love all little critters and take them off the cats if they are still saveable i don't have that problem at the moment because they are indoors, bonnie was never much of a hunter (too lazy) but pandy has a very strong hunting instinct, she will need a bell collar when she goes outside.

By brining you these presents she says that she loves you. Or she may think you are hungry and want to eat these?
that is kind of cute, bonnie used to bring me lizards and i would give her treats so she knew that bringing them to me alive made me happy, then i'd let them go. my english pointer nassa brings me cat poo, does this means she loves me too? if so i'm assuming she has a strange idea of what peopla like

I bet tomorrow I will check this post and the animals will keep getting bigger and bigger..
Tomorrow it will be a badger or raccoon and then maybe a deer the next day..
just as long as anassa doesn't bring me the entire litter tray next time


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Eww, I would have just stayed on the chair and kept calling people until someone came over. Seriously. I might have even called animal control and had them relocate it. I am terrified of snakes, and got chills reading your story. Keep the cat inside, and tell your husband to take the snake somewhere else. ewwwwww...
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Mine brought in a snake the other day, but by the time I found it it was minus head and the end of its tail. I guess they decided they didn't like the taste as they eat most of the other things - birds, lizards, mice, voles. I am not sure I am glad or not that I was not here when they actually found it!
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I got a tailless & injured baby lizard crawling in my living room now. I am still waiting for my hubby to return to remove it.

I must said that I really mercie_me for the bird and the rabbit. Reading your thread really makes my hair stand.
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I know how you feel...

My parents cat is a real hunter too... They live in australia and when I was there housesitting for them I have dealt with numerous "kitty presents" - Including very poisinous king brown snakes. He was standing at the screen door one day with what was left of one in his jaws, meowing for me to acknowledge that he was a good boy!! There were fang marks on his face so I freaked out and rushed him down to the vet with the rest of the wriggling deadly snake in a box so they could ID it for the anti-venom!!

He survived - and has gone on to deliver many other presents. Another morning I awoke and walked out to the kitchen to get some coffee and the first thing I see out through the glass goors are two dead hares and two giant rats all lined up neatly waiting for me on the doormat!! (kitty was snoozing on a patio chair looking very smug).

I guess the only advice I can offer you is to keep the doors closed so you at least dont get gifts brought inside. I once spent the afternoon catching up on e-mails at my parents house only to discover I had a headless rabbit under the desk next to my feet. Not cool.

You can lock kitty in 24/7 - but he sounds like a outdoor cat... You could try fitting kitty with a bell - it may help some of the more furry and feathered victims have a chance.
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Oh my God, that was by far the most entertaining post I have ever read. I laughed so hard! LOL! You are a good writer, Mercie! LOL!

Oh for Heaven's sakes...I have absolutely no advice for you, i just had to tell you what a good writer you are and that your cat is one seriously GOOD HUNTER! LOL! All the different species he/she catches, lol! Sheesh!
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