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Baby Black crossed the bridge 5/24/05

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On 5/21/05, my foster Sugartoes gave birth to 5 beautiful babies.

You can see the orange baby on the bottom left, gray baby top left, tortie baby top right, and in the middle is Baby Black! There is also a tabby baby, on the bottom of the pile I think.

This is a pic from the day they were born. The fuzzy black line is the wire of the cage they are in.

On Tuesday night, 5/24/05, I came home to find Baby Black in a corner of the box, cold. Despite trying to revive him (her?), he was gone. The children, John and I buried him under our honeysuckle tree, with fresh sprigs of catnip. We placed honeysuckle flowers on top of the grave.

The other babies are doing well, but this tiny black angel is gone. He was not solid black, he had the hint of stripes which showed in the bright light. And he even had some long white hairs peeking through the black. He would have made a beautiful full grown cat, but that was not to be. He is now at peace, and warm and cozy again. He will be missed.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thanks for giving this little guy so much care and love during his time here.
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Thank you, Elicon. I wore my "halloween" necklace to work today, it is a silver chain with a black kitty on it.
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I am so sorry for your and Sugartoes loss
I hope that all her remaining baby's thrive and have long and happy lives.

It sounds like you chose the perfect resting place for little Baby Black.

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RIP little black baby Mr Guinness is praying for you!
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Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The kids and I have just finalized the kittens names.

Momma is Sugartoes, because although she is a dark tortie, all of her feet are buff, the color of light brown sugar. So the babies have "sweet" names. The orange swirl cat is Twinkie, the tortie baby is Smartie, the tiger stripe is Hershey Kiss, and the gray one is Zero. Zero is both a candy bar and a very cool anime character.

Baby Black will now be known as B.B., for the B.B. Bat suckers. We tossed around calling him Black Licorice, but he is now the eternal baby, so B.B. fits better.

Thank you so much in sharing in our sorrow, it does help!
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Aw I'm so sorry to hear this!
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Thank you for giving us an update,Beckiboo.The names are sooooo cute. BB had beautiful services and went to Heaven with a name & knowing that s/he was loved and owned. I commend you on teaching your children such respect for animals and for life. It gives me great hope for the future animals yet to be born in the years to come, that there will be another generation of cat lovers. God Bless your family & Sugartoes' too!
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Thank you Wellington Cats, and Catsknowme.

Yes, my kids are catlovers. In fact, when I went to volunteer at the spay/neuter clinic for the first time, my 5 y/o was confused. I told him it was to help not have so many unwanted kittens in the world. He looked at me and said, "But Mom, I thought we LIKED kittens!"

Then when I found out the vets get paid for working at the clinics, my 5 y/o son had another good idea. He thought we could offer the vets a free cat instead of money. I asked, "Do you think that would work?" He said, "Yes!", while nodding his head. He had an expression on his face that said "I'm a genius!"

All the others are doing well. Thank you all for your kind words.
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Awwww so sorry to here about Baby Black. Because of you he had a nice warm friendly space to spend his time he was here.
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Thanks AbbysMom, for sharing in our grief. It really does help, to see how many people have read this thread about Baby, and those who have kindly posted. Thank you!
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I'm always sorry to read about babies who pass without really ever knowing the world, I never realised that so many kittens didn't make it, until I started on here. At least he knew love and comfort in his short time, which is more than some poor animals get in a whole lifetime.
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Such beautiful names for beautiful kittens. I know BB is resting in peace. Hope you can keep one of the kittens in his memory. My deepest sympathy.
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Originally Posted by mlmcats
Such beautiful names for beautiful kittens. I know BB is resting in peace. Hope you can keep one of the kittens in his memory. My deepest sympathy.
Oh, goodness, don't even suggest keeping one! The little tortie girl (Smartie) is just too cute, with her orange markings on her face. And the kids are in love with the gray boy (Zero). But I am committed to fostering, not keeping!

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts!
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oh thats sad
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