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Update on Kionu's court thing...

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If anyone remembers the story behind Kionu and the horrible breeder I rescued him from, this update is for you...

A few months ago I went to the court house to testify against the breeder and brought Kionu with me as "evidence". I testified about the conditions in which Kionu had been living in (as I had witnessed) and the appearance of the other cats living there. After my testimony, I was instructed to show the judge photos of Kionu on the first day I got him. In the photos, his eyes could barely open, you could literally see fleas crawling all over his face (especially around his eye area) and he was thin/dirty. After the judge viewed the photos, he instructed me to bring Kionu out so he could see the improvement. After looking at Kionu (he even scratched Kionu's chin for a few cute!) he said we would recess and he'll make his ruling. After about 10 minutes, we went back in the room and the judge had ruled in favor of the humane society. The breeder was found guilty on 13 counts of animal cruelty and sentenced to 90 days in jail. She was also ordered to pay $275 per animal (total of 13 cats) to reimburse the humane society for services they provided so the cats would be healthy enough to be put up for adoption. She was also banned from owning any pets (he even included and ordered to reimburse me for vet expenses I had paid for Kionu during the first 3 months after I got him. After the ruling, she just stood there in disbelief, then later broke down and cried. If that's not justice, then I don't know what is!
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Oh that is such great news. I'm so happy for the outcome!
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thats great! it makes me happy when a judge rules in the animals favor. I am glad that this horrible person will never be able to hurt any other animals.
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i missed the original story bt i'm so glad it had a good outcome.
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That is awesome news! Mooch and Noodles and I are very happy for Kionu!
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I should've posted the back story. Duh me! I'm just going to copy and paste what I posted a few months ago.

A little back story on how we got him:
He was originally given to a friend of the breeder, who later moved to the mainland. She didn't want to deal with the "hassle" of taking a kitten with her so she took him back to the breeder. The breeder had about a dozen persians running loose on her property. They all had major eye gunk, which I assume they never had cleaned. They also had dirty water bowls, and were fed Meow Mix (there was a bag of that brand there so I think that's what she fed them). She also had mama cat locked up in a 2 story cage, with a FILTHY litterbox and dirty food dishes (located RIGHT next to the litterbox). The kittens (about a month old) were running around the garage while the mama is meowing her head off. There were giant bird cages (similar to the ones found in zoos) located around the mama's cage. We knocked on the front door and asked the woman if she had any Persian cats for sale. I saw Kionu peeping out from under the table and he stumbled over to the door. At first, she tried to offer me a kitten for TONS of money. I couldn't keep my eyes of Kionu. He looked so sad and I just felt he needed to be rescued right then and there. I asked her if he was for sale, and she said, "Yeah, I'll give him to you for $100. I just wanna get rid of him". It was so sad. I gave her the money, put him in my car and drove away as fast as I could. He was quiet the during the entire drive home. At 4 months old, he was not vaccinated, microchipped, wormed or given any type of flea treatment. He was in really bad shape. After a couple months, he is doing MUCH MUCH better and is so full of life and engery. He loves to cuddle, and

P.S. Before driving home, I immediately went to the Humane Society in that town and reported her. I found out a few weeks ago, ALL of her Persians (and other feral cats) were taken away and they were all adopted by caring and loving families. The birds were also taken away and now live in a bird sanctuary.

Before: This was taken the day after we got him. We bathed him and cleaned up his eyes as best as we could.

2 months later:
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the poor thing!! i'm even happier now that 'breeder' got punished in court.
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Wow, those before and after pictures are amazing. She deserved what she got.
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YEEEE HAAAAA! WOOOOHOOO! Its great those kitties got justice! I'm so glad you took Kionu out of a bad situation and spent your time and love on him!
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Wow!!!!! What a transformation!!!


I hope they don't catch her with any more animals.
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BRAVO Starlie!!!! Bravo for rescuing sweet, and now BEAUTIFUL Kionu! And BRAVO for reporting her to the Humane Society immediately and testifying against her! It's always so great to read about success stories like this - and this is definitely a success story. That all of the cats & kittens were adopted into good homes makes it a truly happy ending.
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That is wonderfull Justice. Congrats..and Good luck to all the rescued babies!
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Thank you for the support! I am happy to say that yes, all of the cats/kittens that were rescued were adopted. Even Kionu's sister. Her right eye was half the size of her left eye and her teeth were really bad. The vet at the humane society thought it was best to remove her right eye so there would be no more infections. I saw her at the court house and she looked so cute! Very fluffy and a spitting image of Kionu.

P.S. The woman will get unannounced visits from the humane society weekly to check if she has any pets.
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Excellent news! Thank you for having the courage to do this! We need more people in the world like you
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That's awesome!!
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Congratulations on making a difference and being a blessing to Kionu and all the other animals in that woman's care. It took a lot of courage to report the breeder to the Humane Society and even more to testify against her in court. You have the heart of a true warrior!!!
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Fantastic news. It just shows what a difference each individual can make if they want to take the trouble. Well done!
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That's great news!!!!!!! I am so glad that breeder got what she deserved!!!!
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I really feel like crying... poor little kitties.

There's a special place in Hell reserved for people like that.

Great job, Starlie. (=
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That's really wonderful!!! Way to go, you've really done a great thing!
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My favorite quote: "Justice is the one thing you should always find."~Willie Nelson
You and Kionu found justice in court yesterday. What a great judge! I'm so glad that breeder got what she deserved!
Kionu has blossomed into such a beautiful boy under your care!
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There is definitely a place in heaven for you Starlie!

The before and after pictures tell the whole story of who and what you are! Kionu is simply stunning and thriving under your loving care.
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Aww, thank you so much for your kind words!

The first few months were rough, but in the end it was all worth it. He is so loving and quite the character. He's the only cat I've had that has acted like a kitten. Miko went from 2 months old to 5 years old in a matter of weeks. But Kionu brought out the kitten in him and actually keeps him very active. Sometimes Miko acts like he's too mature to play and cuddle, but I catch those two cuddling all the time.
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I just love your new signature!
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I am so glad she got what she deserved. I do not know how people like that sleep at night!
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What a wonderful thing you did in rescuing your Kionu and helping to save all those cats! I can't even begin to imagine how that person could call herself a "breeder." Makes me appreciate all the more the wonderful people I'm adopting my cats from. Thanks for sharing your story!
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What a transformation! He's a handsome boy. It's good too know justice was served in this case.
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I think that is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. How wonderful you are to report that lady. Too bad more people aren't like you and the people on this site. Kionu is absolutely beautiful and very lucky to have a person like you.
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
I think that is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. How wonderful you are to report that lady. Too bad more people aren't like you and the people on this site. Kionu is absolutely beautiful and very lucky to have a person like you.

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