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plastic eater??

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my fairly newly adopted sweetheart (one year old) has been sporadically nibbling on plastic. Ususally she prefers plastic bags like grocery bags or garbage bags. Sometimes she goes for the harder plastic handles, but seems to enjoy the noisier ones. I worry about her injesting plastic - don't know why she does it? Sometimes is gets so bad that we have to gather up all of the loose plastic - ANYTHING plastic just to keep her from eating it. What in the world is going on??
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Hellooo! Does this sound familiar! It's can be a behavioral thing, but I've also heard that there are actually organics used in the manufacture of plastic and this might be what she's picking up on.

Hope you're able to get a handle on it. With us it was our retired show/breeder queen Annie and we could NOT leave anything remotely like cellophane anywhere around the house! This included Christmas tinsel (not a good thing anyway.) I haven't had tinsel on my Christmas tree in 15 years !

I don't think you can really stop it, just be ultra careful with the types of plastic you know she's most fond of.
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Thanks. I have heard that soy is sometimes used in plastic. I'll try to keep ahead of her, but right now I can't tell what she will go after next! Yikes!
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they use fish and meat oils in plastic bags and photos which cats like to lick. also the texture seems to appeal to them.

be careful of her ingesting any plastic (sounds like your doing a good job already) and consider switching her food to a better quality one as eating/licking plastic can be a sign of vitamin deficencey.
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Unless you want the possibility of a gigantic vet bill keep the plastic bags away from her- they are very dangerous and can cause blockages and other problems quickly.
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