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Good and Bad Animal Commercials

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What kind of animal commercials do you think is bad or good?

A funny one is the Geico Insurance commercial where a squirrel crosses the street infront of a car. The car swerves so that it dosen't hit the squirrel and hits a tree. The squirrel goes to the other side of the street were his buddy is and they give themselves hifives Its so funny.

I like the Meowmix commercial but there is a part I don't understand. The man that is describing the cat food is saying,
"it is really delicious." how does he know? Has he tried it?

I like the Advantage commercial were the dogs are all in the beauty parlor and gossping about flees.
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I do not remember what is was for - but there was this one on where cowboys were herding cats! Saw it on Superbowl Sunday a while back - still makes me chuckle - herding cats, Imagine that one!!!!
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No kidding...good luck! :laughing2

They musta had some pretty good treats, or a lotta catnip! :
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I just love the Advantage one where the kittens and puppies are singing in the classroom. Heres the song (I know it by heart):

(You sing the song to the rythm of I "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands")

If you don't use Advantage scratch your ears
If you don't use Advantage Scratch your ears

For a month it works on me
Number one for killing flees
And gentle for a little one like me

Advantage kills fleas really fast
A few drops on the neck will last

Ask my doctor for Advantage for me please
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I love that commercial! :laughing2 I don't recall the one with the cats! :laughing2 That must've looked so funny!

Gieco always has the best commercials by far! They have that lizard too...he cracks me up :laughing2::LOL::laughing2:LOL:

There was a cat food commercial that had cats dancing...that was a good one and of course Meowmix with them singing...:LOL: I loved it!

It seems like all animal comercials are sooo cute even that animated one where they're auditioning for the Snuggles Rep! :LOL: That poor lobster!:laughing2

Ya gotta love it!
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I dont remember the brand, but its some type of Crystal Cat litter?
The cats are talking about being rich because there are diamonds in it, and at the end, the little kitten with major "cattitude" says..."whatever!"
The kitten is sooo cute!
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How about the Petco commercial where all the animals(dogs,cats, birds,etc) get out of the cars and stand on top and stay, Petco,Petco,Petco!!!!!

Or the Petsmart commercial where the man brings his new dog into the house and when he puts him on the floor, the dog pees on the floor, and makes a mess. With the BAd To The bone song and with the dog looking up at the man with "What are you going to do about it?"
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I rarely watch TV, so I don't recall many, but Cat...that Snuggles commercial stands out. Thanks for reminding me. I laugh at the porcupine who says, in his deep manyl voice, "I'm snuggly!"

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*slapping knee* :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:: YES! Oh, and the aramdillo! :laughing2 All of them are tooo cute! I do love that porcupine though! :LOL: And of course, there's that cute little Teddy Bear...don't'cha just wanna squeeze him!

Love & Hugs,

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The "catherders" was an all-time personal favorite. The same company did one for this year's Super Bowl about "the running of the squirrels."

I'm partial to the "Puppy Chow" commercial--the one where the little puppy shoots through the door and knocks down his owner!
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I like the commercial where you hear an old lady calling "Here kitty, kitty, kitty, want to eat??" The cat walks into the living room and there's a parrot in a cage that starts barking like a vicious dog, causing the cat to claw the ceiling. That's my all time favorite.
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I like the one for Nyquil cough syrup, with the cat laying on the end of the lady's bed, sound asleep, and then she bolts straight up in bed and lets loose with a big deep hacking cough, and the scared cat goes flying straight up to the ceiling, then after they do their speil about the cough syrup, you see the lady looking around, calling, here kitty, kitty??? And cut to a shot of the cat laying on one of the blades of the ceiling fan, going round and round. :LOL: :laughing: LOVE that one!
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:laughing2:laughing2 hahaha! Debby :angel2:

That's hilarious...I've never seen it...but, does it get any funnier!? :laughing2:laughing2 What will they think of next? :laughing2

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I don't like commercials that promote animal stereotypes; the Fancy Feast ad with the chinchilla Persian comes to mind (as does that awful movie Cats and Dogs). Any Persians I've ever met have been real sweeties, not at all aloof and snobby like the Fancy Feast one.

What do you guys think of animatronics and making cats act like humans? I wrote a paper on it a while back. My personal opinion is that cats (and aimals) are woderful creatures in their own right; why give them human personalities?

I have to admit though that I love that flea remedy commercial where the cat's watching a programme on tv all about fleas and gets so freaked out about not having a safe place to hide, that it ends up hanging from the ceiling in sheer terror :LOL: poor kitty
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I love the one for geico insurance where the guy is letting his dog drive, and he vears off into the pond because he sees the ducks :LOL: :LOL:

reminds me of toonces!
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Colby.... Ive seen that one, and I loved it too!!!! :laughing:

I also used to love the "toonces" skits on SNL!!!!!
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Nothing beats PETA's "Bad Cats" commercial! Just ask Catarina!
You can see it here:
or here:

And I also like the Bacardi "Late Night" commercial about an old lady's cat who loves to go partying. View it here:

AP: I haven't seen that Geico commercial in so long! I'd love to see them air it again.
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Oh that Bacardi commercial is great!!!!!!
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illusion...thanks for the links...ohmygoodness that Bad Cats commercial! :laughing2 (thank goodness Sophie wasn't in the room; she's too young and innocent to see where kitties come from!)

Love the Bacardi one; too funny:LOL: :LOL:

Thanks again. We don't get the same commercials up here in Canada so it's great to see the really funny ones from other places.
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I don't know, but I like the Taco Bell Chihuahua commercials. He is so funny! I love the geico with the lizards. I love the cantsbury bunny commercials that come in Easter.
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I love the Geico insurance one with the squirrels too. And the Lazy Boy ones with the raccoons that break into the house and sound like Ralph and Norton on the Honeymooners.

But I'm afraid my all time most favorite commericials have to be with Morris the Cat... and for the life of me I can't recall the brand of cat food he promoted. But Morris reminds me of the attitude that I have gotten from a good many cats who owned me.


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I think Morris was hocking 9 lives wasn't he?
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Yep, 9-Lives...Cagney wants Morris' job! :LOL:
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See, now, that teddy bear from the dryer sheets people (I've already forgotten the name) somehow bothers me. It's like, he acts all cute and sweet, but some night you're gonna wake up and find him standing over you with the kitchen knife, you know? Okay, it's just me, cuteness scares me.

I thought the Advantage song went "If you don't use Advantage, scratch your ear; if you don't use Advantage, scratch your rear". But maybe I'm even more deaf than I think.

We are partial to the Aflack insurance commercials. Two people are talking about supplemental insurance but can't think of the name of the company, and the duck is bursting a blood vessel yelling "Afflack!" at them. I think they're cute, but hubby just rolls on the floor.
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Sunlion- I was imitating the Afflac Duck (and quite a poor imitation at that!) and I found it drives our kitten, Gus, nuts! Now I do it whenever he's around.
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I think the bear is from the laundry softener Snuggle?
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