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meet my new kitty kiki!

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hey, so im really excited because i just got a kitty for the first time ever. well not exactly, i got a cute black kitty when i was 7 for a week until my grandma (on my dads side who was mean anyways) made me get rid of it bc she was allergic. ive wanted one since i was like 6 and 13 years later i finally got one from my bf on my birthday. and it was a surprise and she is soo cute even though she bites me. shes a chompasaurus. and i adore her still. it was a long wait but so worth it.

her name is kiki. but my bf calls her kiko. and then we call her kikorama. im going to spoil her:-\\

shes playing with a blanket i knit her<3
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Shes adorable!!! lol Shes making such cute expressions!!!
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Aww what a little angel!!! I'm sure she'll be a great cat My cat Neko was a biter too when he was little, but he got over it. Good luck with your new furbaby!
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What a pretty feline! I just love her white mittens. Cute name too!
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Oh wow she is so cute!
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She is soooo sweet-looking. Congrats on your new kitten.
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what a little fuzz ball! adorable, congrats, and good luck, if you need help, anyone here will be more than willing to answer questions.
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Awwwwwww - She's adorable! I just love little grey and white kitties!

I'm sure you going to have lots of fun with your new furbaby!

Good luck and belly rubs to Kiki
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awwww, congrats on your new kitty, she is sooooo cute!

my kitty, pandy was a real biter when i first got her, now she's the smoochiest kitty ever!

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Awwww she is so lovely! I havn't seen a kitty as cute as that in a long time
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What a lucky kitty. She's beautiful and she has a mommy that is going to spoil her. WooHoo.
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Very pretty. Looks like she step her feet into cream
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Congrats on your new kitty. I just love grey kitties with white feet.
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stacy- thanks! i like her expressions too, except her "i didnt do that!" expression because theyre usually following her spilling piles of things onto the floor.

thanks laurel. was your neko just teething?? do you think it could just be kiki teething?

starlie. i like how you called her feet mittens<3 now THATS cute,.

aww thanks julianne., kiki says hi to kelvin and phoebe

aww gilly. thats very sweet and flattering. hehe ill be sure to tell kiki your compliment.<3

bullit i love your expression of her creamy feet. i keep thinking about her stepping into cream now. thats succchh a cute thought. haha

graykittenlove...we can love gray kitties together!
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very cute kitty.... she's quite a fuzzy little thing.... spoiler her rotten, you'll love it!!!
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OMG, Kiki is such an adorable sweet little baby! Congrats!
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She's precious, congrats on your new kitty.
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She is absolutely beautiful. What a little sweetheart.
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what an adorable furry!
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