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Radio question: 05/25/05

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How many of you regularly save money into a savings acct?

(I thought this was kind of personal, but if you want to answer feel free)
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lol i dont have a savings account but i should open one.

But i ended up buying a money box that you cant open unless you have a can opener and there should be a few 5 euro notes in there along with crappy coins
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What is a savings account?

Ours all goes into checking.
I do have about $500 sitting in savings at my credit union, it's been there, untouched for about 7 years.
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i have a special secret place in my home where i stash money away...but i hate banks, so no i don't
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Every week here! Not much, only $50 per week but it's better than nothing!
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no.. but I'm trying to start.. instead I let the checking pile up and up and up and then invest it somewhere.. I think the savings acct would be a better place for growing than a checking where I get 0% interest..
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My hubby and I sock away about $50 a week, with an automatic transfer (I LOVE B of A!) Since I don't make much money at my job (love it anyway), I transfer all of it to savings too. It's best for us not to even see the money, just have it sent over.
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I had a savings account. Then I drained it and plunked down 2 grand to buy my car, 3 yrs ago.

Then I had another one... and 1.5 yrs ago, drained it and plunked everything I had, including all the change scrounged from my car, to buy my house!

So now I'm without a savings account... for now.
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Every payday, even if it is just a few dollars, it all adds up.
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I use a credit union so in order to have a checking account you have to open a savings account. I don't save but there is some money in it.
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Me!, i have two.
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I have a savings account. I have an automatic transfer that puts money in there every twice a month. I keep about 2 months of expenses in there and when use the excess over that amount to do renovations to the house.
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I have one but I'm not very good about putting money in it. I've been trying to get better recently and have begun putting a little every pay period in.
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I don't. I have an account that I don't touch unless I have an emergency. In lieu of putting money into my savings account I contribute to my 403b instead (similar to a 401k).
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$100 a month goes into savings and eventually when I start work and hubby is in Iraq we will be banking more into savings for a rainy day as well as starting mutual funds and IRA's or CD's for when our 'kids' go to college (future kids obviously).
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I put about $75 from each paycheck into a couple of months, after my savings has built up a good little bit, I'll start putting that $150/month into 401K instead.
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yea...well i used to, and had quite a bit, but now im getting low, so i guess i should start saving some time soon
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I opened up an ING saving account and put $50 a week in it; it adds up so quickly

It's probably one of the smartest things I've done.
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We have three savings accounts as well as a checking account to pay bills with. One is for a new car, another is for the cat's vet care, and the other is for retirement.
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i have a savings, it had money in it before now down to about $16.00 - we pretty much live week to week here... it sucks but i guess thats life huh? i can dream of more money!!
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