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*** Today's Useless Fact ***

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Why is taking the consequences for something "facing the music"?

This expression almost sounds like the name of a quiz show, but what it describes is hardly entertaining. When you face the music you've either done something wrong and now have to "pay" for it, or you've made a tough decision that will result in some negative consequences for you. Either way, you're not headed for an evening of dining and dancing.

The phrase originates in a military tradition. You've probably seen a soldier in the movies "drummed out" of the service. He's done something dishonorable so he's stripped of his rank and has to pass through columns of other soldiers who may look away from him while drum beats mark his passage through the ranks. The drums are the music he's facing and the source of the phrase.
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Hmmm interesting, useless, but interesting!:laughing:
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Fess up. Is there something you're not telling us here?

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You know, ALOT of expressions and practices have come from the military..
For instance the term "pickled" is used to describe someone who is drunk, it came from the days of wooden ships when a crew member died.
If they didn't want to be buried at sea or had to be returned home, they were placed in a barrel of rum for preservation ( since they had no refridgeration). Once in a while, the wrong cask was tapped hence another term... Red Rum.

Does anyone know where half masting the flag came from??

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:disturbed: Thanks Ken...I could've lived another 40 years without knowing that! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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I never really thought about it before, interesting!
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Helen...one question....Are you gonna post one everyday for us? :laughing2

I mean, you never know, someone may find it useful! Then what?????? :LOL::laughing2:LOL:

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